Monday, June 04, 2018

Fancy trying 'The National Art Pass'?

If you like art exhibitions

  • BUT have never tried The National Art Pass before....
  • OR if you're staying in or near London temporarily over the summer (hello to Louise and Cynthia!)

you might well be interested in trying what seems to me like an excellent offer from The Art Fund which caught my eye today. Appealing to the numbers in me is always guaranteed to get a response!

Right now you can buy a 3 month trial of the National Art Pass for just £10. This in turn will reduce the entrance to a lot of exhibitions at museums and art galleries around the country - often by 50%

Note that this offer ends 30 June so to me it's one of those offers you don't put on the backburner - rather you need to decide PDQ!

What is The National Art Pass?

The National Art Pass is "a good thing".

I've got one and I actually use it very little - however that's because I'm a Friend of most of the museums and art galleries where I go to see exhibitions. 

Instead I tend to think of my annual membership fee of £67 as a charitable gift to The Art Fund which is the organisation which issues The Art Pass and also helps museums and art galleries buy and display works of art.  Plus it sends me an annual guidebook, Art Quarterly Magazine and regular email updates.

However I have been thinking of late of reviewing my Policy on Friends' Memberships (we Friends are the cash cow which keeps on giving...!)

  1. They're getting more and more expensive
  2. The expense relative to the value has been reducing for me 
  3. I've been aware there is another way of keeping the costs of exhibitions under control
Plus I've been on the point of doing a spreadsheet to look at just how much I spend relative to benefits!

The National Art Pass will get me into exhibitions at (frequently) 50% discount - without the need to pay into any other subscription or membership scheme. 

To me, as Friends' memberships get more and more expensive , the National Art Pass begins to look more and more like a very good deal as a way of managing the expense if I don't mind forgoing the perks of a Friends Membership.

This was the graphic which got me thinking about it again today.

If you spend £10 you can give it a go but don't have to make any commitment to an annual membership AND you get to save more than it cost you.....

Spend £10 and save over £25 on online bookings

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  1. Hi,it's so expensive to visit art galleries and museums if you go often as I do. I found the Museum's association card is very good value as you get into many of the main places for free (British Museum, National Portrait Gallery etc) or half price once you buy an annual card which is available to anyone from £58 upwards depending on circumstances. I previously had the National Art Pass and have also tried individual venue membership cards but costs of all rise too much.



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