Thursday, June 28, 2018

Euan Uglow - a slideshow and radio essay with Martin Gayford

This is for when you have a spare 20 minutes and want some eye candy for your eyes and literate commentary about art for your ears.

Watch and listen this BBC Radio 3 The Essay Finish the Bottle Euan Uglow by Martin Gayford which provides
  • a great monograph about the practice of the artist Euan Uglow (1932-2000) and the context of his artwork
  • plus a splendid and amazingly relevant slideshow to accompany the words
It's sublime....

One of those to save up and revisit when you need a jump start...

I do not have a clue who Raphael Hynes is who created the YouTube video - other than that he is an obvious fan of Euan Uglow.



  1. Fascinating. An artist I didn't know much about previously - but listening to this (and looking at those beautiful paintings on the slideshow) I now have a whole new appreciation of him. Thank you for posting!

  2. Very valuable information, we don't find easily. I was looking for something like that and found it here.



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