Friday, September 06, 2019

The world record mass paintout in Cornwall

Last Sunday over 1,000 plein air painters turned up to form an almost continuous line of painters on the Cornish coastline between Land's End and Sennen.

It looks like it was an AMAZING event!

The Line of Plein Air Painters from Land's End to Sennen in Cornwall

Courtesy of Anthony Garratt

It was the first ever mass plein air painting event in the UK organised by the Art For Good initiative pioneered by Anthony Garratt with Newlyn School of Art.
The Art for Good initiative is a new series of mass painting installations for environmental causes
Hence the painters were also aiming to raise money to preserve National Trust footpath between Land’s End and Sennen in Cornwall from erosion (due to the number of visitors to the area).
All participants will stand an equal distance apart and the reverse of their painting panels will be painted pink so that from an aerial perspective, they form a continuous dotted line when held above the participants heads; the denotation of a footpath on an OS Map
They certainly succeeded in raising the profile of both the path and the event as it got covered by the BBC News on Sunday where there was some splendid video of all the painters.

This footage is hard to believe - do watch - my jaw DROPPED (and I'd already seen some footage of the event on the BBC News)

I've taken the liberty of scouring Facebook for photos which could be embedded of the event, the artists and the paintings they produced and have included links to every Facebook account or Page beneath the image.

Some of the artists and their paintings

Now for pics of some of the artists - and their paintings!  They look great!

Courtesy of Dan Pyne

Courtesy of Lisa Takahashi

Some of you will remember Lisa Takahashi (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) as the the wild card painter from Episode 2 of Sky Arts Landscape Painters of the Year 2018 - who got to join the Semi Final at Felixstowe

Courtesy of Angela Carol Robertson

Courtesy of Sarah Jane Disley Art

Courtesy of Andrew Barrowman paintings

Courtesy of Purple Tomato images - who I think is Bridget Betts

Courtesy of Coast Colour Canvas Gallery

Lots of painters were not experienced plein air painters - but joined in anyway!

Courtesy of Charlotte Green

Courtesy of Darren Chaplin

But not everybody painted the coastline

Courtesy of Rachel Jeffery Art