Thursday, September 12, 2019

More Wayne Thibaud: "This for you is my world to look at"

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For me this is a bit of a click and salivate post!  In all honesty written entirely for me - for looking at from time to time - rather than sharing with any of you - but you can look too! ;)
discusses drawings versus prints, the audacity of the artist’s vocation — and why he doesn’t believe in ‘the idea of success’
"my work is not showing off, not grandiose, - human things..."
"This for you is my world to look at" - Wayne Thiebaud
Thumbnails of Cakes by Wayne Thiebaud
Though Thiebaud is most often grouped with the Pop art movement for his subject matter, the artist considers himself “just an old fashioned painter,” and “not a card carrying Pop artist.” He remains best known for his still lifes of confections—sometimes painted from his own memories—which he considers interpretations of “Americanness.” In his works, objects and their shadows are characteristically outlined in multiple colors, creating a visual effect Thiebaud calls akin to vibration.
  • Wikipedia as per usual provides a useful overview of his life and work. According to one line - 
he apprenticed at Walt Disney Studios drawing "in-betweens" of Goofy, Pinocchio, and Jiminy Cricket at a rate of $14 a week
In a contemporary art world enthralled with such stunts as Damien Hirst’s diamond-encrusted skull, Thiebaud is wonderfully ungimmicky.
I think I like him because 
  • he's both ordinary and original, 
  • of the optical mixing he does (which I also do), 
  • of his strong emphasis on line - which I like a lot, 
  • his ability to be figurative and abstract at the same time
  • and the fact that when he paints his paint is LUSH! His lush cream pies also sold for $4 million!
There are other affinities? Did I mention I have been known to go round sketching food (and people eating and drinking) - a lot?!

and finally......

Did you know Wayne Thiebaud is 98 years old? (he was born on 15 November 1920!)