Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Video of Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2017

When I reviewed the exhibition in my post 10 Best Paintings in the Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition I said I'd be posting my video of the exhibition at the weekend. However I was rather more ill than I'd realised.....

Still from the video
Hence I'm a bit remiss, not to mention late, in posting this video of the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2017.

It's a walk around the exhibition while it was on display at the Mall Galleries in September. Not the smoothest of videos but I was suffering from a rather bad case of laryngitis, was walking with my stick and wasn't too bright for the next few days.

I find I need to be feeling a bit brighter to process a video and publish it - hence the delay.

For those wondering about the media used by artists selected for the competition, you can find below the "watercolour" media used for the paintings in the competition.  Less than half the paintings are traditional watercolour paint only.

Watercolour 41 48%
Acrylic 10 12%
Watercolour and gouache 9 11%
Watercolour and ink 4 5%
Gouache 4 5%
Watercolour and pencil 2 2%
Ink 2 2%
Gouache and watercolour 2 2%
Acrylic and watercolour 2 2%
Acrylic and pigment 2 2%
Watercolour, Japanese ink and gilding/metal powders 1 1%
Watercolour ink and gesso 1 1%
Watercolour collage 1 1%
Watercolour and water based mediums 1 1%
Watercolour and inktense pencils 1 1%
Watercolour and acrylic 1 1%
Gouache, collage and pencil 1 1%


  1. Thank you for this, which is especially impressive considering your circumstances of late.

    Your videos of exhibitions are hugely helpful to those who can't attend the shows and very much appreciated by far more people than take the time to tell you so. I would say similarly about your reviews - invaluable. Thank you most sincerely.

    Fleur Robertson

  2. Many thanks Fleur - always good to get feedback like yours.

    I now get stopped in the street and exhibitions by people saying how much they love my blog posts - but it's also good to have it in writing! :)

  3. Yes - always not only enjoyable but also educational ! so Thanks Katherine.-


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