Friday, October 20, 2017

Art Schools in the UK - an Introduction

A new page on Art Business Info. for Artists
I'm developing a new section within Art Business Info. for Artists in relation to Practice - How to be a successful artist - Habits, Practices and Development.

One of the new pages in the sub-section that relates to Learning for Artists is about Art Schools in the UK
  • Are you interested in doing a fine art course?
  • Are you trying to decide which art school to apply to?
  • Do you know what your choice is if you want to do an undergraduate degree or postgraduate course in art and/or design?
Applications for a place to pursue an art degree in the 2018 academic year are now over.

However it's never too early to start looking if you're thinking of applying for a place in the future.

It starts with What is an Art Degree and then organises listings of the Art Schools, Colleges and Universities with a Fine Art Department / Campus by geography - as follows:

  • All about Art Schools and Colleges - which includes references to the various ranking tools used to grade performance of both the school and the students
  • Postgraduate (only) Art Schools in London
  • Undergraduate Art Schools in London
  • Other London Art Schools
  • Art Schools i
    • the South of England
    • the Midlands
    • the North of England
    • Wales; and 
    • Scotland