Saturday, October 21, 2017

Howard Hodgkin Portrait of the Artist - at Sotheby's

The collectable art and artifacts from Howard Hodgkin's estate are being auctioned on Tuesday at Sotheby's in London.

You can view the exhibition on Sunday and Monday - and it has some really lovely things in it.

You can also see the items online at the Sotheby's website for Howard Hodgkin Portrait of the Artist.

I must confess I love looking at what artists collect, even more so if they like the same things I like!  I love the fragments of Iznik pottery (I'm a big fan of the V&A's collection of Isnik tiles and pottery) but am somewhat bemused by the prices...

It's also intriguing how somebody known for his contemporary art should collect so much very traditional and decorative art.  The Indian pieces are outstanding!

Plus do read his article How to be an artist - it's a RECOMMENDED READ.