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Annual Exhibition by the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers

The Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers was founded in 1896. and its Patron is HRH The Prince of Wales.

The 2017 Annual Exhibition - in the North Gallery at the Mall Galleries - was opened on Thursday afternoon by Dame Patricia Routledge. It closes on 1st October at 1pm.

The exhibition comprises 534 pieces of miniature paintings, sculptures and fine art prints displayed in customised display cabinets which provide an excellent view of the work.

I was supposed to be going but have been suffering from a bad case of laryngitis all week and was exhausted after my trip to the Galleries the previous day. I'm hoping to get to see it next week.

I did however get to meet up with the RMS President Ros Pierson PRMS CFA(Oxon) PPHS MAA MASF on Wednesday and I gather the exhibition had got off to a very good start in terms of sales.

I guess being on at the same time as the Sunday Times Watercolour exhibition might have helped as a lot of the miniaturists work in watercolour.

So - below are some
  • details of the exhibition 
  • notes about who won what - and I've borrowed from the RSMP's twitter stream for some of the pics and details of the prizes
  • notes about the remaining demonstrations


[UPDATE: The RMS website subsequently published the FULL LIST OF PRIZEWINNERS 2017 - not all of whom are highlighted below]

The RMS Gold Memorial Bowl (Best in Show) - Raoof Haghighi for  Linda (acrylic on paper, £3,500)

I'm so upset to have missed this presentation! I've followed Raoof at BP Portrait over the years (including this year) and have met him a number of times. He's a really excellent artist - both large and small. Raoof Haghighi is also a self-taught artist whose work has been seen in group and solo shows in the United Kingdom and Iran/Persia.

The Prince of Wales Award for Outstanding Miniature Painting - Joyce Rogerson 

I love Joyce's paintings because she always paints nature and often combines paintings of plants and flowers with animals and birds.

The RMS Award for The Best Collection Of Five Or More Miniature Works - Elizabeth Diggins RMS

It's unusual for a group of graphite drawings to win - but these are excellent. Elizabeth is a natural history artist and miniaturist, who lives in Lovedean in Hampshire.

The Elizabeth Meek award - by Suzanne Bradley RMS

Furry and hairy is what Suzanne does best!
The Llewelyn Alexander Subject Miniature award - by Barbara Valentine 

Arturi Philips 'Connoisseur' Award - Suzanne Bradley RMS 

Marion Winter 'Kuntsler Award' - Michael Coe RMS HS MAA 
Gold Bowl honourable mention - Hanna Woodring RMS MPSGS MASF

Demonstrations during the Exhibition

The RMS has FREE daily demonstrations during the course of the exhibition - for more details see below.  The artists are always most helpful and happy to answer queries about their art and how they produce it and what materials they use - see How to paint miniature portraits (from 2011).

Notice of Daily Demonstrators
The remaining artists due to demonstrate are listed below.
  • Sunday 24th September - Marian Tumelty – Still life using watercolour on vellum
  • Monday 25th September - Paul Eaton - Sculpture using investment casting wax to create original sculpture, using low voltage soldering iron and various stainless steel carving tools
  • Tuesday 26th September - Carole Flanders VPRMS SLM HS – Painting birds using water colour on polymin
  • Wednesday 27th September - Michael Coe – Portrait using watercolour on vellum
  • Thursday 28th September - Barbara Valentine - Still life using watercolour on Ivorine
  • Friday 29th September - Linda Kracht – Portrait using watercolour vellum 
  • Saturday 30th September - Pauline Denyer-Baker – Portrait using watercolour on ivorine, polymin and Duralar


You can find out more about previous exhibitions and previous prizewinners in the posts below

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