Wednesday, September 06, 2017

I HATE the beta format for The Art Newspaper

The new format for THE ART NEWSPAPER IS just awful. 

I'm hoping that "beta" means they still have things to sort out in relation to the new format for The Art Newspaper.
I'm not a subscriber but I am a regular reader of their website online.

Here's a comparison of the "before" and "after" - as seen on my 27" iMac screen.

I much prefer their old format - which can now be seen at 

The "old" version of The Art Newspaper which finishes on 31 August 2017
This is readable - content is centred

I HATE their new format - - it feels like the content is falling off the edges of the screen

Have these people never heard of margins - or big screens?

The new beta version of THE ART NEWSPAPER which seems to have started at the beginning of September 2017
- and stretches from one side of my 27" screen to the other with absolutely no margins at all
Maybe I'll have to stick to reading it on my iPhone where it is at least presentable - i.e. they remember to include the white space at the sides!

P.S. The website reminds me of the format for the Royal Academy of Arts which, while some may think it looks good, too often feels to me like a full on frontal assault of my eyeballs. I have to stop looking much more quickly than I did before they changed their format.

Do these people never ever test their formats on wide screens or are they glued to their laptops?

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