Monday, September 11, 2017

Training the Eye - Teaching to Look

I came across this video on training the eye and teaching people how to look last week.

It's about the clarity that comes from real perception.
“Training the eye is very, very important. You can’t come up with ideas if you don’t see — first.”
Inge Druckrey
Teaching to See has been described as
  •  a 40-minute crash course in Design Thinking
  • a document of the long and successful teaching career, and .... a teaching tool for generations to come.
  • deneficial to all visual students whether designers or artists.
  • a 2012 educational documentary film about graphic design and the teaching of Inge Druckrey and some of her students and colleagues.
Just watch it....

Still from Inge Druckrey: Teaching to See


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neil whitehead said...

Way back in time - about 1968 - when I was at college we were taught to look at a new object every day. Objects like: how downpipes are connected to gutters, drain covers, telephone boxes(!), chimney pots, lamp posts, etc. Unless you can 'look' and decipher what you see, you can't draw, which is quite useful for artists and designers.