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VIDEO Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition 2017

Below you can see the Video of the Annual Open Exhibition 2017 held by the Society of Women Artists at the Mall Galleries this week. The exhibition is open until 3pm on Sunday.

However for those of you who can't get to see it, you can view my (slightly unsteady) walk (with a stick) around the exhibition and/or read yesterday's post reviewing the exhibition Review: Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition 2017

Artworks which caught my eye

I also said I'd highlight a few artworks which caught my eye.  See if you can spot them in the video.

I was particularly struck by the media used for artwork which I've never seen outside this exhibition

The first piece by Heather Meyerratken was awarded a prize yesterday and was also highlighted in my first post - but deserves another outing! It's a screen print - but on a wire mesh located within a 3D grid made of thick brass-coloured wire
Meyerratken carefully selects the images from discarded slides and photographs which she finds in bins and junk shops around the world....However, it is the unique printing onto wire mesh that encourages yet another layer of loss to the image. A particular fragility aligned with faded memory. This occurs serendipitously during the mechanics of printing in the form of pixellation and is relative to how the ink remains partially suspended within the mesh. The image becomes both translucent and lenticular. As one moves to the side of the image the colours become more intense and as you move to face the image it fades.
Sitting Pretty by Heather Meyerratken
(Edition 1 of 6 - five available) £1,200 

On the same wall I also spotted a piece in glass. The artist, Dr Linda Smith SWA is both an artist and a scientist with a PhD in chemistry. After this she switched to art and graduated with PGCE’s in both Fine Art and Glass and Architecture (2007) from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design. She was also was awarded the John Corkill Memorial Award for best presentation in 2006 by The British Society of Master Glass Painters.

Treasured Possessions by Dr Linda Smith SWA
Enamel fired on Glass, £1,890

She now teaches hot and cold glass working techniques and tutoring students on the Fine and Applied Arts BA (Hons) course at Canterbury University - which explains the sophistication of her glass artwork in the main gallery.

I have absolutely no idea how you fire enamel on glass and achieve the effects she does! Her website has even more interesting cast glass pieces

There were other interesting and innovative pieces within the exhibition - but I didn't take photos of all of them.

Last year I was intrigued by Wang Ziling's painting and this year had me puzzling over her optical illustion again.  She is one of the Young Artists being supported by the SWA and the catalogue includes a piece about this painting.
How we perceive time is influenced by how time is fragmented and divided by the structures of our one-dimensional society, as a result of mechanical and monotonous reproduction and repetitions
It's a very healthy antidote to the "same old same old" seen in some exhibitions.

The Wall of Repetition by Ziling Wang YAA
Wang was born in China in 1988 and now lives in London. Her work is being exhibited in Beijing, London and Venice.

I liked Christine Southworth ASWA MAFA NDD's suite of pen and ink drawings of different landscapes. It was interesting figuring out how the artist had tackled the question of composition of a monochrome drawing within the context of an oval - not just once but four times - and how to get them to read from a distance

Ovals One to Four by Christine Southworth
Pen and Ink (£480 each)

and finally......

Probably like most artists my eye goes automatically to any paintings of art materials or equipment.

In this case it was Dani Humberstone's oil painting of paint tubes and a brush.

Cerulean Blue by Dani Humberstone
oil (£495)
Plus another work from the innovative Dr Linda Smith who also painted and drew Painters Palette which comprises a montage of painted paper annotated with a drawing of the name of the colour - with all of them laid out in terms of colour and tone

Painters Palette by Dr Linda Smith SWA
mixed media £680

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  1. Its good to see a video of an exhibition. Also the figure walking in front of some paintings helped give an idea of sizes of works. Thankyou, I enjoyed this


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