Wednesday, July 19, 2017

National Open Art Competition 2017 - extends deadline to 23rd July

The National Open Art Competition 2017 - for artwork in various media, including digital, photography and the moving image - has extended its deadline to 23rd July. It may well appeal to those who feel that:
  • their art doesn't get given a fair review in other competitions 
  • art competitions always involve the judges rewarding those they know
See below as to why. There again there are other things one needs to know about the National Open Art competition....

For example, two years ago in National Open Art Competition 2015 - Final Call for Entries i commented that

Other than the fact THEY DO NOT EXPLAIN:
  • why the art competition exists!
  • what the prizes are!
....they've got a well organised website which provides answers to all the "other"  FAQs  - click the link for the full answer. My brief version follows the question
They do not know who the artists are, whether you are male or female, how old you are, where in the UK or Ireland you come from or live, your background, your education or your training, if any. We do not brief the judges and we do not dictate any percentage or quota for each category (e.g. painting, photography, drawing or young artists’ work). The only condition we ask of our judges is that if they recognise an artist they know or are familiar with, that they make their position known and withdraw from the selection process of that piece, leaving the decision to the remaining panel. 36 reasons to enter the National Open Art Competition.
Finalists will be announced in late September and the winners revealed at the Private View and Prize Giving this Autumn.


The exhibition will be held in...
A vast, untouched four-storey industrial building will host the 21st National Open Art Exhibition. Bargehouse is an exciting atmospheric space on London’s fast moving South Bank and Bankside areas and sister building to the iconic landmark, Oxo Tower which stands proud on the cultural path between the National Theatre and Tate Modern.
This is a Video of the 2016 Exhibition

NOA Awards 2016 from ProAction Creative on Vimeo.

Reasons to Enter

This is the link to the article which suggests 36 reasons to enter the National Open Art Competition.

Personally I've always felt very ambivalent about it - and that's because the website doesn't address basic questions.


John Cooney said...

It is very strange, as you mention, that they are not specific about the prizes. They also claim to be non profit making?

Katherine Tyrrell said...

The reason I have NEVER highlighted it in my list of MAJOR ART COMPETITIONS on is because
they have
1) not reviewed their website (since I raised the issues last year) and
2) not addressed the issues in relation to the missing information.

For me it just doesn't make the grade in terms of the standards I expect of any website which is asking for a submission fee for an art competition.

However it exists - and my response is to highlight the competition AND my concerns.