Saturday, July 15, 2017

Recommendations for a new modem router?

I'm looking for recommendations for a new modem router (which I prefer since it means only one bit of kit to accommodate) for my iMac.

It needs to be
  • capable of accessing standard broadband - which I currently use in my study
  • capable of accessing fibre broadband should I decide to upgrade
  • very reliable connections/performance 
  • very secure
  • include ethernet
  • includes ADSL and an integrated VDSL2 modem
I must confess it's ages since I bought one because last time I bought a very good one and it's lasted me a long time. However it's now time to upgrade (see "the background...." below for why).

Which means I have to get my head round the:
  • need to know - re current context and prospects
  • what's available
  • what's recommended
  • what works with normal broadband and fibre - just in case I upgrade the broadband in my study
I'd be very interested to hear recommendations from anybody - particularly if you've updated your set-up recently - about:
  • your set-up
  • which is the best brand
  • which is the best modem router.
I'm also interested in any recommendations as to nifty features that are worth having.

Note: I've currently got a Zyxel P-660R-Tx v2 Series ADSL2+ Access Router which has served me very well for many years!
What my Zyxel modem router does

What's a modem router?

A modem router combines the modem and the router
  • the router creates a network between devices in my home
  • the modem connects the network to the internet
I prefer this because it means I only have to find space for one bit of kit rather than two.

This article explains it better - What’s the Difference Between a Modem and a Router?

My iMac has an internal modem which means it can connect via wifi to my other (fibre) broadband in another part of my home via the BT Hub - which means when my current set-up is playing up (as mine is at present) that i can still get online - as I am at present!

What's VDSL?

I need to look beyond ADSL2 which is what I've been using so far.  I found this article What’s the difference between ADSL, VDSL and fibre internet?

The background to the current situation

I think I've finally worked out the cause of my current iMac problems - it freezes - except if I disconnect my modem router and my back up hard disc.

After a mammoth session with Applecare Support last week where I did various techie things to try and clear out the source of any software problems, I ended up deciding to try and use the computer by creating a wifi link to my second broadband account - in another part of my home and disconnecting all the hardware. I then worked fine for a week!

So hardware was definitely the source of the problem- but which bit?

I got the answer this morning when having to update some credit card data which I only like doing on an ethernet connection. So I turned my Zyxel back on - and did the transactions and then started to continue as usual - at which point it froze - and I had my answer as to which bit of hardware was causing the problems

So I'm now back on my internal modem and connected to the other broadband.

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