Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Interview with Clara Drummond - Winner of BP Portrait Award 2016

I've uploaded my video of my interview with Clara Drummond, the 2016 Winner of the BP Portrait Award to YouTube

Clara Drummond with the portrait which won the First Prize
in the BP Portrait Award 2016
Girl in a Liberty Dress (260 x 370 mm, oil on board)
You can view my video interview with Clara below - or you can click the YouTube icon bottom right and view it on HD and a larger scale within my YouTube Video Channel.

WARNING! As often happens with my interviews with the winners of the BP Portrait Award, there's a lot of hubbub in the background. This year it was compounded by the painting being hung in the middle of the exhibition rather than towards the end of the gallery - so even more noise! However you should be able to hear my questions and her responses without too much difficulty unless you have a hearing impairment.  However I would recommend listening to the interview when you don't have any background noise in your own environment.

By the way it's a great interview and very informative!

To give you a flavour of the interview here are some of the highlights of what she talks about:
  • why she decided not to go to art school
  • what she learned as an assistant to portrait painter Jonathan Yeo
  • the drawings and paintings of other artists which provide her with inspiration
  • her emphasis on drawing
  • why she paints her friends repeatedly
  • why you need to keep growing as a painter and try new techniques
  • why experimentation is important when working 
  • what was the one thing she did which changed her approach to her format and painting
  • how her approach has changed recently - and how she describes it
  • what it was like meeting Jenny Saville - and why she has been an inspiration
Below you have
  • more about how you can see this year's exhibition in London and on tour
  • more about Clara Drummond and other comments on her win
  • FOR THE SERIOUS FANS: more about BP Portrait Award Winners from previous years

More about the BP Portrait Award 2016

You can see the exhibition at:
  • National Portrait Gallery until 4th September after which it tours to:
  • Usher Gallery, Lincoln (12 September – 13 November 2016) and 
  • Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh (26 November 2016 - 26 March 2017.)

Plus you can see it online my video of the exhibition

These are my previous posts relating to the 2016 competition
This is how to sign up for information about the 2017 Award

More about Clara Drummond

This is Clara's website http://www.claradrummond.co.uk
This is Clara on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/clara.drummond.79

Contact Clara to find out where she is teaching.

Read more about Clara in the press about her win

More about the Winners and the Shortlists

What follows is for those seriously interested in this competition!

These are my blog posts about BP Portrait Award Winners - and the shortlisted artists
2008 - the first year I attended the awards ceremony

BP Portrait Award - previous years

I've been covering the BP Portrait Award for some years and have an extensive archive of posts relating to previous competitions which I know are much studied by those contemplating an entry!

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  1. Super interview, great questions and very interesting answers! Well done!

  2. I have just found your blog after searching for information on James Lloyd whom we wished to feature as our Friday Featured artist. It has caused me to spend the last two hours reading your posts until I had to call it a day as I need to do get on with my Social Media Posts. We have an Art Studio which is the home to painter Dee Donaldson and Sharon McClelland, printmaker - STUDIO3 - (https://www.facebook.com/artstudio3durban/?ref=bookmarks) down here on the bottom tip of Africa and we love to be kept up to speed with what is happening in the rest of the art world. Thank you so much for a wonderful, all encompassing art blog. Gwynn Smith

  3. Thanks Gwynn - it's always nice to get feedback.


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