Saturday, July 30, 2016

National Trust: second open call for artisans and craft makers

Did you know that the retail arm of the National Trust collaborates with craftspeople and artisans to produce artisan products?
The National Trust and The Heritage Crafts Association and the Craft Council are excited to announce our second open call for artisans and craft makers.
They have just announced their second open call for people to develop a range of products inspired by places looked after by the National Trust and sold via the National Trust shops and websites.  The deadline for applications is 4pm on Monday 29th August, 2016.

It occurs to me that there are more than a few people who follow this blog who could probably deliver what they want.  Obviously those who work in ceramics but also those who create art and products based on natural history, wildlife and botanical subjects.

The National Trust also commissions people to produce work for them.

For information: 

  • This is a video about Mary Kaun-English who produces Pit-fire Ceramics and who won the last call. Despite her name she is actually a Californian by birth. You can see her NT artisan ceramics on their site.

  • This is a page of stoneware birds made by Elissa Palser
  • The NT also commissions people to make things for them - for example from trees which have fallen on estates. Last summer, the National Trust commissioned London based wood artist Eleanor Lakelin to create a collection of beautiful vessels crafted from a cedar tree that had been planted by the Duke of Wellington in 1827 - which led to this page. You can also see her work on Instagram.
Wood art by Eleanor Lakelin
I must confess I'm a bit of a wood nut and the thing I'm most likely to be drawn to are pieces made of wood. 

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