Monday, August 10, 2015

A Guide to Selling Art

I've developed a new page on my Art Business Info for Artists website. It's part of a brand new section I'm developing about selling art. Two sub-sections I've started to develop relate to:
  • selling via art dealers, art galleries and art agents
  • selling art online via ecommerce
the starting page for the 'how to sell art' section of my website

Selling Art

This page provides a summary of different options for selling art via two different avenues:
  • How to sell art via third parties
  • How artists sell art direct to the customer

A Guide to Art Dealers, Art Galleries & Agents

This page is all about selling art via third parties such as art galleries. It covers:
  • summaries of the different roles of the art dealer, art gallery and art agent
  • an art gallery glossary
  • advice from gallery owners 
  • advice from art advisers
  • notes about:
    • how to get into an art gallery
    • how to work with and within gallery contracts
    • how to get an exhibition
    • commission and what it means
  • books about art galleries
I'm developing various pages about selling art. If any of you have written what you might think is a useful article (which can be found online) or a useful blog posts of interest to other artists please let me know and it might be possible to include a link to it in my new pages.

Ecommerce for Artists

This page is all about how to sell art online. It covers:
  • The Rules: Law and Regulations about Selling Art Online - covering:
    • E-commerce Law and Regulation in the UK
    • E-commerce Law and Regulation in the USA (coming soon)
  • TIPS for ecommerce online
  • How to be safe and secure when selling online
  • E-commerce software

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This is such a great idea; I look forward to sending artists to your site (as usual) to help them untangle and sort out the pathways to selling their work. This will be so helpful to many folks who don't know where to begin, or are too overwhelmed to even start.

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