Monday, August 10, 2015

A Guide to Selling Art

I've developed a new page on my Art Business Info for Artists website. It's part of a brand new section I'm developing about selling art. Two sub-sections I've started to develop relate to:
  • selling via art dealers, art galleries and art agents
  • selling art online via ecommerce
the starting page for the 'how to sell art' section of my website

Selling Art

This page provides a summary of different options for selling art via two different avenues:
  • How to sell art via third parties
  • How artists sell art direct to the customer

A Guide to Art Dealers, Art Galleries & Agents

This page is all about selling art via third parties such as art galleries. It covers:
  • summaries of the different roles of the art dealer, art gallery and art agent
  • an art gallery glossary
  • advice from gallery owners 
  • advice from art advisers
  • notes about:
    • how to get into an art gallery
    • how to work with and within gallery contracts
    • how to get an exhibition
    • commission and what it means
  • books about art galleries
I'm developing various pages about selling art. If any of you have written what you might think is a useful article (which can be found online) or a useful blog posts of interest to other artists please let me know and it might be possible to include a link to it in my new pages.

Ecommerce for Artists

This page is all about how to sell art online. It covers:
  • The Rules: Law and Regulations about Selling Art Online - covering:
    • E-commerce Law and Regulation in the UK
    • E-commerce Law and Regulation in the USA (coming soon)
  • TIPS for ecommerce online
  • How to be safe and secure when selling online
  • E-commerce software