Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Can you believe it? 8 million pageviews!

While I was out sketching in Cambridge on Sunday, somebody took a look at a page on Making A Mark and notched up the 8,000,000th page view - according to Blogger!

Magdalen Bridge and Scudamores, Cambridge
pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils
I got a non-stop commentary from the Punter Guides of the history of Magdalene College as they went past below!
Isn't it absolutely amazing that one woman's interest in art and willingness to share can turn into an art blog which gets visited by people from all over the world (see below)?

I have to say I still can't quite get over the fact that when I go to sketchcrawls and exhibitions I meet lots of people who all know who I am even though I've never ever met any of them before.

I'd love to say "Thanks!" to the person who viewed that 8 millionth page - but all I know is that you live in one of the places listed below!

Instead I'll say "Thank you" to you all - and I do hope you come back again and look at some more! My archives are extensive! :)

Current Country Totals From 1 Aug 2015 to 25 Aug 2015

 United States (US)12,478
 United Kingdom (GB)6,683
 Canada (CA)1,160
 Australia (AU)1,101
 India (IN)449
 Germany (DE)330
 France (FR)306
 Netherlands (NL)235
 Philippines (PH)224
 New Zealand (NZ)207
 Ireland (IE)194
 Spain (ES)179
 Italy (IT)150
 South Africa (ZA)148
 Singapore (SG)144
 Brazil (BR)120
 Europe (EU)110
 Japan (JP)98
 Korea, Republic of (KR)97
 Belgium (BE)95
 Malaysia (MY)91
 Russian Federation (RU)89
 Pakistan (PK)80
 Sweden (SE)75
 Poland (PL)70
 Mexico (MX)61
 Turkey (TR)60
 Romania (RO)57
 Portugal (PT)56
 Hong Kong (HK)54
 Israel (IL)54
 Indonesia (ID)53
 Norway (NO)51
 Greece (GR)48
 Finland (FI)47
 United Arab Emirates (AE)46
 Thailand (TH)45
 Czech Republic (CZ)42
 Switzerland (CH)41
 Denmark (DK)39
 Argentina (AR)39
 Ukraine (UA)35
 Taiwan (TW)30
 Austria (AT)29
 Asia/Pacific Region (AP)29
 Bulgaria (BG)28
 Hungary (HU)26
 Croatia (HR)25
 Bangladesh (BD)24
 Egypt (EG)24
 Saudi Arabia (SA)20
 Slovenia (SI)19
 Jordan (JO)18
 Serbia (RS)18
 Colombia (CO)18
 Slovakia (SK)17
 Cyprus (CY)17
 Trinidad and Tobago (TT)16
 Vietnam (VN)15
 Nigeria (NG)15
 Chile (CL)15
 Nepal (NP)12
 Sri Lanka (LK)10
 Peru (PE)10
 Iceland (IS)10
 Jamaica (JM)10
 Cayman Islands (KY)9
 Algeria (DZ)9
 Morocco (MA)9
 Uruguay (UY)9
 Lithuania (LT)9
 Estonia (EE)9
 Puerto Rico (PR)9
 Mauritius (MU)8
 Luxembourg (LU)7
 Albania (AL)7
 Malta (MT)6
 Lebanon (LB)6
 Latvia (LV)6
 Brunei Darussalam (BN)6
 Isle of Man (IM)6
 Guernsey (GG)6
 Ghana (GH)5
 China (CN)5
 Venezuela (VE)4
 Ecuador (EC)4
 Costa Rica (CR)4
 Dominican Republic (DO)4
 Botswana (BW)4
 Kazakstan (KZ)4
 Cambodia (KH)3
 Kenya (KE)3
 Armenia (AM)3
 Maldives (MV)3
 Georgia (GE)3
 Macedonia (MK)3
 Tanzania, United Republic of (TZ)3
 Montenegro (ME)3
 Zimbabwe (ZW)3
 Namibia (NA)3
 Jersey (JE)2
 Belarus (BY)2
 Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)2
 Oman (OM)2
 Ethiopia (ET)2
 Bolivia (BO)2
 Qatar (QA)2
 Guatemala (GT)2
 Virgin Islands, U.S. (VI)2
 Uganda (UG)2
 Palestinian Territory (PS)2
 Iraq (IQ)2
 Paraguay (PY)2
 Panama (PA)2
 French Guiana (GF)1
 Nicaragua (NI)1
 Netherlands Antilles (AN)1
 Guyana (GY)1
 Papua New Guinea (PG)1
 Madagascar (MG)1
 New Caledonia (NC)1
 Faroe Islands (FO)1
 Vanuatu (VU)1
 Zambia (ZM)1
 Seychelles (SC)1
 Aruba (AW)1
 Rwanda (RW)1
 Mongolia (MN)1
 Bhutan (BT)1
 Macau (MO)1
 Cuba (CU)1
 Kuwait (KW)1
 Bermuda (BM)1
 Gibraltar (GI)1
 Syrian Arab Republic (SY)1
 Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (LY)1
 Lao People's Democratic Republic (LA)1
 Antigua and Barbuda (AG)1
 Azerbaijan (AZ)1
 El Salvador (SV)1
 Guam (GU)1
 Honduras (HN)1
 Cape Verde (CV)1
 Myanmar (MM)1
 Belize (BZ)1
 Barbados (BB)1
Source: Clustrmap