Monday, August 03, 2015

Call for Entries Checklist 2016 - Federation of British Artists' Exhibitions at the Mall Galleries

Below you can find the Key Dates for the Call for Entries for Art Societies belonging to the Federation of British Artists - who will be holding their Annual Open Exhibitions in 2016 at the Mall Galleries

Art Society
Submit Online - DEADLINE
Receiving Day
in 2016
Exhibition Dates
in 2016
6 November 2015
9 January
23 February - 5 March
11 December 2015
23 January
17 March - 2 April
8 January 2016
13 February
6 - 16 April
29 January 2016
27 February
5 - 20 May
4 March 2016
9 April
16 - 25 June
24 June 2016
30 July
28 September - 8 October
5 August 2016
10 September
26 October - 6 November
26 August 2016
1 October
1 - 11 December
Note: The above do NOT relate to the remaining annual exhibitions due to be held in 2015 (ie re. RSMA, SWLA and ROI)

Receiving Day at the Mall Galleries - Carlton House Terrace entrance
The above table is an abbreviation of the 2016 Call For Entries Checklist published by the Mall Galleries on behalf of the FBA.  You can print either off and hang it on your studio wall!

The proper Checklist also includes dates for the following:
  • Online Submissions open
  • Login for Results of Online Assessment
  • Check for Results of Panel Assessment
  • Unaccepted Collection of artwork
  • Unsold Collection of artwork

You can find more information for artists on the Mall Galleries website in relation to:
I've also embedded links to the website of the relevant art societies in their names

Time to get some art society websites updated methinks! :)

I'll be adding the dates into my online diary - will you?

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