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Jeff George wins top prize at CPSA Annual International Exhibition 2015

The 23rd Annual International Exhibition of the Coloured Pencil Society of America is currently on display at Oglethorpe University Museum in Atlanta, Georgia - until 23rd August 2015.

Every year this exhibition comprises artwork drawn using 100% colored pencil and is based in a gallery in a different part of the USA.

I liked the way CPSA announced their prizewinners on the CPSA facebook page - giving each a proper introduction to members.  The prizes were split between"
  • 8 still lifes (50% of the total)
  • 4 human portraits and 2 animal portraits
  • 2 works which are figurative urban landscapes - but with a concept
Below you'll find:
Thanks to Shawn Falchetti CPSA for permission to use his photographs of the exhibition and some of the artists.

The 2016 Exhibition will be in Tacoma, Washington.

The Prizewinners Page on the CPSA website
The prizewinners were announced at the Annual Convention Banquet and are as follows

CPSA Best Of Show And Cippy Award ($5,000) 

Jeff George has won the top award of at least two other occasions that I can think of and has been a regular prizewinner for as long as I have been covering this exhibition - which is nearly 10 years!

For the uninitiated, 'What so proudly we hailed' is a line from the Star Spangled Banner, which celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2014 and became the national anthem of the USA in 1931.
Oh say can you see by the dawn's early light,What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming,Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

CPSA District Chapters Award For Exceptional Achievement ($2,000)

In the Beginning by Arlene Steinberg
coloured pencil, 15 x 21 inches

The Cretacolor Award For Exceptional Merit ($1,000)

The Derwent/Conté À Paris - Colart Americas Award For Exceptional Merit ($1,000)

  • Jesse Lane (TX) - "Gravity" - 18 X 29 Inches - you can see a much larger image of the artwork  on his website (click the link in the title)
Gravity by Jesse Lane
coloured pencil, 18 x 29 inches

The Dixon Ticonderoga Award For Exceptional Merit ($1,000)

Award For Outstanding Achievement ($800)

Award For Distinction ($600)

"Hydrangea-Scape #2: Last Blush" by John Ursillo is the large painting in the middle
Coloured Pencil on Ampersand Gesso Board

(UK artists should note that Ampersand Boards - such as the one used above - are now available in the UK)

Award For Excellence ($400)

Analysis of Size of Prizewinners Artwork


Selected Artists

Below is a list of the artwork and artists selected for the exhibition - from all over the USA and countries and continents - organised by the location of the artist.

This provides something of an indication where coloured pencil art and CPSA branches are active within the USA as the numbers being selected do not correlate with the population of those states.


  • Carrie Alderfer Contemplation


  • Jane McCreary, CPSA Red Cholla Blossoms
  • Helen Rowles CPSA After the Show


  • Mikela Cameron, CPSA. My Dog Has Fleas
  • J.Y. Chang, CPSA, CPX The Blind Date
  • Jeff George, CPSA What So Proudly We Hailed
  • Denise Howard, CPSA, CPX Happy
  • Buena Johnson, CPSA Do You Remember?
  • Elizabeth Patterson, CPSA Rue de Rivoli, Paris
  • Paula Pertile Fried Egg on Sourdough Toast
  • Mike Purdy Table for Two
  • Aura Skugariene CPX Dualism of Two
  • Ranjini Venkatachari , CPSA , CPX Genealogy
  • Phillip Zubiate III Vegas Neon Duck


  • Bonnie Sheckter Second Thoughts


  • Dorothy DePaulo, CPSA, CPX Sibling Rivalry
  • Sandra Hunter, CPSA Metamorphosis of the Common Blue Morpho


  • Rita Paradis, CPSA Interplay
  • Lauren Tyrell Angus


Jeffrey Baisden
  •  Jeffrey Baisden, CPSA Upward Nobility
  • Anda Chance, CPSA Denizen of the Subway
  • Kathi Darby Uncertain Future
  • Christine Flanagan Sun Shadowed
  • Sharon Hester On Guard
  • Hanneke Jevons Horsepower
  • Marilyn Jones Summer Sass
  • Julie Karner Macaw's Glare
  • Suzanne Marcil, CPSA My Sister's Crystal
  • Mari K Moehl, CPSA Feeding Frenzy
  • Glinda Pennock Nickolas
  • Nancy Rhoads Sign of the Times
  • Mona Weidner Opal's Room


  • Susan Calderon Shades
  • Philip Carpenter Shears 2
  • Joan Gelblat, CPSA Reflections at the End of the Day
  • Kim Hamby, CPSA In a New Light


  • Maria Villioti Contrasts


  • Jeanne Bogar Beach Boys
  • Kate Brown There Is a Self Portrait in My Mother's Wedding Ring
  • Gail Collier, CPSA Moving Toward Red
  • Tracy Frein Kit


  • Pamela Clements Road Warrior


  • Amol Saraf Cuteness at It's Best


  • Charlotte Hastings Where's the Ducks?


  • Vanessa Lawrence A Love Story
At the exhibition


  • Katherine Clericuzio This Bud's for You
  • Deborah Friedman, CPSA Angle of Repose


  • Sharon Kow Contemplation


  • Mary Geissenhainer CPSA On the Banks of Otter Pond


  • Wendy Mersman Can I Have Two?
  • Agnieszka Przyborowski Reflections
  • Lynda Schumacher, CPSA A Quiet Eye
  • Rita Mach Skoczen, CPSA Quilt 2
  • Paul Van Heest, CPSA Big Read


  • David Hart Rehearsal


  • Sandy Brooks Night Flight
  • Susie Tenzer Selfie

North Carolina

  • Christina Hildreth Keel-billed Toucan—Who's Watching Who?
  • Donna Slade, CPSA Softtouch Reflections

New Jersey

  • Gwynn Di Pilla Beach Bikes
  • Anzhelika Doliba The Plaza and Fountain at Sister Cities Park, Philadelphia
  • Andrea Placer, CPSA Fancy Funghi
  • Jennifer Tabor LaVeglio Grumpilicious


  • Dennis Angel View of the Grand Canal
  • Anna Hammer Beautiful Mind
  • Holly Siniscal, CPSA Shadow Abby

Nw York

  • Caryn Coville Bird's Eye View
  • Carol Maltby,CPSA Nathan
  • Arlene Steinberg CPSA, CPX In the Beginning


  • Cecile Baird, CPSA Light Up Your Life
  • Kathy Cox Lauder's Lemons
  • Catherine Fithian Pink Hydrangea
  • Sharon Frank Mazgaj, CPSA Shiny Things 2
  • Marsha Gilger, CPSA Road Art
  • Jonavon Herr Threads of Time
  • Mary Hobbs, CPSA, CPX Blue
  • Margaret (Margi) Hopkins, CPSA Departing
  • Kendra Lapolla Helen
  • Amy Lindenberger, CPSA, CPX Glorious Profusion
  • John Middick Intensity
  • Michael Paolercio 324
  • John Smolko, CPSA, CPX Benj, No. 2 (Franklin Trustee)
  • Rosemary Tope White Hibiscus
Benj No. 2 (Franklin Trustee) by John Smolko
You can see another large coloured pencil drawing of Benj
in my book 
"Drawing 365: Tips and Techniques to Build Your Confidence and Skills"


  • Teresa Allen, CPSA Time to Shine
  • Pat Averill, CPSA Just Hangin' Around
  • Kelly Collins Mussel Beach
  • Julie Fulkerson Horse of Kings
  • Donna Graham Rhoddies
  • Donald Griffith Time on My Hand
  • CJ Worlein, CPSA Stephanie
  • Denise Zanetta Twisted Flights of Fancy


  • Shawn Falchetti, CPSA Daybreak
  • Jeffrey Green Carol, Prayer Series 1
  • Linda Killingsworth Yum, Buns
  • Mary Beth Lesko Uncle Fritzo's Hairpiece

South Carolina

  • Gretchen Parker, CPSA Meet Market
  • Faith Wheeler, CPSA Rick and Rock


  • Dena Whitener, CPSA A Feather's Not a Bird
Tanja Gant


  • Helen Bailey, CPSA The Pause That Refreshes
  • Tanja Gant, CPSA, CPX See No Evil
  • Lori Garner, CPSA, CPX Mourning Light
  • Jesse Lane Gravity
  • Lisa Mills, CPSA Wren in Rome…
  • Irma Murray Birthday Boy


  • Nichole Taylor Blood, Sweat & Tears


  • Alisha Brown Pink Spring Kaleidoscope
  • Jennifer Carpenter End of Time Flies
  • Sherry Smith Peachy Keen


  • Mike Flynn Pride of Moscow
  • Shirley Stallings, CPSA What?!
  • John Ursillo, CPSA Hydrangea-scape #2: Last Blush


  • Jody Beighley Wisconsin River Camp
  • Dava Dahlgran, CPSA, CPX The Bike at Dublin Bay
  • Nichole Linzmeier Not Just Ivory
  • Rhonda Nass, CPSA God's Will, Finding Your Niche in Him


  • Eileen Nistler, CPSA,CPX Aunt Clara's Collection 3

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