Friday, August 16, 2013

Who painted this? #40

Who painted this? #40
I've been seriously considering buying myself a parasol this summer!

[UPDATE:  OK - this is the first time I have had everybody seriously stumped for an answer for two days - so clue coming up!! 

This is by a British painter who's not British born and who is not known for painting landscapes.]

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Who Painted This #39 - The Answer

Kew Gardens: Path between the Pond and the Palm House
by Camille Pissaro
Who painted this? #39 is a painting of the view of the display beds in front of the Palm House at Kew Gardens (out of the picture on the right) and in between it and the big pond / small lake (out of the picture to the left).

The really odd things about this painting is to see a painting of just the beds without either the lake or the Palm House which are both very strong motifs in virtually all images of this part of the garden.

I note the stone fantasy animals (griffin etc) have not yet been erected in front of the Palm House.

Here's a photo I took of the same scene some 119 years later!

The beds in front of the Palm House 20 April 2011
Who guessed correct?

Who painted this #39? Congratulations to Tessa Spanton (a.k.a. Colours and Textures) who provided the first correct answer to last week's challenge.  As I expected the first four answers came from people who recognised the style as being Pissaro.  Which just goes to show knowing your artists helps a lot with these challenges!

It looks as if this one have some people quite a journey to track it down!

Others who also got it right - in order - are:
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