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Who painted this? #40

Who painted this? #40
I've been seriously considering buying myself a parasol this summer!

[UPDATE:  OK - this is the first time I have had everybody seriously stumped for an answer for two days - so clue coming up!! 

This is by a British painter who's not British born and who is not known for painting landscapes.]

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Who Painted This #39 - The Answer

Kew Gardens: Path between the Pond and the Palm House
by Camille Pissaro
Who painted this? #39 is a painting of the view of the display beds in front of the Palm House at Kew Gardens (out of the picture on the right) and in between it and the big pond / small lake (out of the picture to the left).

The really odd things about this painting is to see a painting of just the beds without either the lake or the Palm House which are both very strong motifs in virtually all images of this part of the garden.

I note the stone fantasy animals (griffin etc) have not yet been erected in front of the Palm House.

Here's a photo I took of the same scene some 119 years later!

The beds in front of the Palm House 20 April 2011
Who guessed correct?

Who painted this #39? Congratulations to Tessa Spanton (a.k.a. Colours and Textures) who provided the first correct answer to last week's challenge.  As I expected the first four answers came from people who recognised the style as being Pissaro.  Which just goes to show knowing your artists helps a lot with these challenges!

It looks as if this one have some people quite a journey to track it down!

Others who also got it right - in order - are:
If you'd like to study how people get the correct answer try studying past challenges which are listed in the Page Who painted this? - at the the top of the Page. Since of the requirements is to say how you found it, you can see the various ways people get to the answer.

Just for the record - anybody who leaves a comment on the page which lists all the "who painted this?" rather than the specific blog post is not counted.  You have been warned!


  1. Use an umbrella as a parasol for the sun. Its fun when someone asks if its raining. :)

  2. Who painted this? #40

    A guess only at the mo, but I'd have to say the artist is Renoir purely on style................maybe! ;-)

  3. Did I mention that it's only the correct guesses which are not published until next Friday?

  4. Wow,you got me this time. Think I looked at thousands, yes, thousands of images before I gave up. Never, would I have linked this work with this artist (and I have come across this artist's work before). If you type in this artist's name in google's images, it doesn't appear! Well done. Enjoyed the challenge, even if I failed

  5. No, no. Just looked at my Sargent books and the style is all wrong :-( I'm stumped!

  6. Besides which I think Sargent is normally described as an American artist who lived and travelled in Europe...


  7. Lawrence Alma Tadema wasn't born in Britain but lived and painted here and this painting is not like the paintings he is known for. The nearest I have got is his 94 in the Shade but it is not the one.

  8. Artist...Lawrence Alma-Tadema
    Title...Sunny Days
    Medium....Oil on Canvas
    Date.. 1874
    Where it is ...Yale Centre for British Art
    How I found it...With great difficulty! I went through thousands of images to no avail. Thinking it might be an early work I started Googling artists of the right period (from the clothes). Again nothing. When I saw Jacqui Boyd`s comment ( re never connecting the artist with the work ) I thought I was probably on the right road but wouldn`t arrive via Google. So I typed landscape girl into Wikimedia Commons and to my amazement it popped up almost immediatly.

  9. Either my comment got lost in cyberspace or I am on to something?
    I haven't got any further though.
    When I first saw the image it made me think of Boxhill or Farthing Down and I thought it was a Victorian watercolour. Since the clue and homing in on Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
    I think more likely oil and maybe that is his daughter under the parasol.

  10. Hi Katherine,

    This was an education. I’ve looked at lots pictures.

    Title of the artwork: Sunny Days
    Name of the artist: Lawrence Alma-Tadema
    Date it was created: 1874
    Media used: Oil on canvas
    Where it lives now: Yale Center for British Art
    How do I know all this:

    I didn’t start looking until you offered the clues about the artist
    Spent a while on fruitless searches of British painters that weren’t born in Britain
    Decided I needed a more structured approach
    Decided the picture was probably painted around the turn of the last century
    Started looking at the list of British Painters in Wikipedia for artists that weren’t born in Britain and were alive in 1900
    Searched for “Lawrence Alma-Tadema landscape” in Google Images. This returned links to 94 Degrees in the Shade, which looked promising
    Searched for “Lawrence Alma-Tadema landscape parasol” in Google Images. This returned a link to the image on a dodgy looking copying site
    Checked for Lawrence Alma-Tadema paintings in Wikipedia commons.
    The information is from there and cross-referenced with the museum website.

    Thanks for the challenge.

    All the best,


  11. I haven't found it, maybe someone else painted it but I am sticking with my hunch. Looking forward to the answer.
    At least the captcha was easier this time.


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