Sunday, August 18, 2013

For fans of feline art

There are two exhibitions in London for fans of feline art next week.
Both have a virtual exhibition of a lot of the drawings, prints and paintings on display - click the links to view.

Big Red by Gayle Mason
to be displayed in the Society of Feline Artists 16th Annual Exhibition
I'm kicking myself because my friend Gayle Mason (Fur in the Paint | Gayle Mason Fine Art on Facebook) gave me a copy of the catalogue for the SOFA show when we met up recently and I now can't find it.

Here however is her very handsome chap who's in the SOFA show.

I think the last time she showed a ginger he sold before the show even opened!


  1. Years ago ....before the internet .... there was a survey done to find what kind of subjects sold best in paintings. The top three were Pussy Cats, Venice and the Moon. On that basis the exhibitions should sell out!

  2. Good to see you've found a way round the commenting problem Bernadette!



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