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August 2013 - Who's made a mark this summer?

Summer is always a bit slow - so I awarded myself some time off for days out and weekends off! Plus I've started to start making "proper artwork" again with my pencils - although I've still got problems with respect to vision and have yet to work out the distances which work best.

Syon Vista Summer - a study
coloured pencils on Arches HP, 9" x 12" (23 x 31cm)
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
So here's a bumper version of "Who's made a mark......?"

Artists and Art Blogs

Botanical Art

Coloured Pencils and Pastels

copyright Ester Roi

My sketching

I developed some video skills in July and started to post sketches as a WIP.  We visited Great Dixter in East Sussex.  Here's A step by step sketch of the Long Border at Great Dixter and a video - and this is how I converted a Slideshow of a sketch of the Long Border at Great Dixter in East to a video - Sketching slideshow - iPhoto to slideshow to Quicktime Movie

Down in Kent we had

Summer in the Rose Garden, Sissinghurst (24 July 2013)
pen and ink and coloured pencils in Moleskine Sketchbook, 16" x 11"
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Then there was the eating and drinking - and sketching - with:
High Tea at Fortnum & Masons with Liz Steel
Our table at 7.30pm - after three hours of eating, talking, sketching, eating, sketching etc

I'd started three separate sketches while Liz worked her way across a big double spread.
Not forgetting my intermittent recap of a sketching holiday in Bali a long while ago - this time the challenge was Bali - paddy fields and palm trees

Drawing and Sketching


  • An interview with Carl Randall on Japangasm looks at how he goes about Picturing a culture  
  • Here's the first part of my artist friend Sophie Ploeg had a series of articles in Artists & Illustrator's Magazine about how to paint fabric - here they all are

Plein Air Painting

  • This is a really great "back gardens in summer" painting by Melissa Scott Miller. I love the details and all the nuances of colour. Plus Melissa paints from observation.......
  • Haidee Jo Summers (Haidee Jo Summers - Artist) seems to have been spending all summer plein air painting the sea and beaches and coastal houses and cottages in Cornwall and, for the whole month of August, on the beautiful île de Bréhat.  Just click the link to her blog and soak it up! (Haidee Jo also has a new website)
  • I've been posting various painters' plein air kits to my Art of the Landscape blog and now have a new page which lists these posts.  If you've got a well organised kit and would like to share your choices and approach to plein air kit assembly with other artists whp read my blog "The Art of the Landscape" send me a URL link to a blog post or website page (see this link for details of how to submit a kit for listing )

Who painted this?

For those who like detective work - you can still take the challenge if you don't look at the answer too soon

Art Business & Marketing

Artist in residence schemes


Reproduction Prints

A review of the passive income streams which can be generated by giclee prints


  • Buying from a good gallery is no guarantee that the art is what it says it is and you are not being defrauded. Pei-Shen Qian, a struggling 73-year-old Chinese artist who came to the United States in 1981 was identified this month as being the artist who can produce paintings that a fraudster can peddle as actually being by celebrated Modernist painters such as Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Robert Motherwell and others. The New York Times has the details Prosecutors Are Contemplating More Arrests in $80 Million Art Fraud Case

Selling Art

Art Collectors

A Watchdog has limited the marketing of pooled investment opportunities to “sophisticated investors” - see UK tightens rules on art funds

Art Competitions

Art Education

Art Critique

I highlighted my website How to Critique Art on Facebook where it was very well received.  Maybe that's because I highlighted that it includes sections on:
  • Art Critiques - for Art School Students
  • Art Critiques - for Amateur Artists
  • Art Critiques - for Art Clubs
  • Art Critique - for children and school students

Instructional videos

In my book two people counts as a trend when they're both prominent artists/tutors and authors! If you inspire to be the same you now need to get into DVD production too!

  • James Gurney (Gurney Journey) is not one to hand over the profits of his labour to third parties without working out how to have more control over a project. Thus rather than do a DVD for instructional publishers he learned how to do it for himself.  He's now got an art instruction video on how to paint dinosaurs! Read Release of "How I Paint Dinosaurs" for more details
  • I posted this video from Billy Showell and Sponsume to my Facebook Page.  Billy Showell (Painters Diary by Billy Showell | Facebook Page) is a very popular botanical art tutor and author who has been looking to take control of her next DVD project. I'm not sure if many people realise just how little an artist gets from DVD ventures run by commercial companies.  It's about time the artist took control!  Her project raised 79% of her financial goal. Take a look at her video and check it out. If you're an experienced artist/tutor yourself it might even give you a few ideas!

Tips and techniques

Art Exhibitions

Traditionally, these are the dog days of the art calendar. The big museum shows are doddering through their final weeks; the autumn blockbusters aren’t ready to preview; and most dealers have closed their galleries and swanned off to Umbria on August hols.  Article in the Culture section of The Telegraph

I'll be doing a post very soon about the exhibitions in London from September through to November. In the meantime here's resume of what's opened recently

Major Art Galleries and Museums in London

Exhibitions by Art Societies

  • Off The Wall at the Bankside Gallery  2 August – 8 September 2013. This is a joint summer exhibition by artists from the Royal Watercolour Society and Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers

Commercial Galleries

Art History

LS Lowry has generated a couple of interesting items

Art Materials and Supplies


Art Studios

Here's an alert to all those who have studio makeovers or new studio projects underway.
At the end of the year I have an award to dish out to the person who delivers the most impressive change - called The Most Gorgeous Mouthwatering (MGM) Studio of the Year. However I need to see evidence of the progress made in blog posts!  Drop me a line if you have a project on the go.




Photography sites

and finally......

Read what happens when it all goes wrong in Twist In My Spontaneity  and how it feels coming out the other side. An encouraging story by Anne Blankson-Hemans (Dancing with Crocodiles)

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