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Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2013 - Selected Artists

The watercolour painters selected for this year's exhibition associated with the competition in The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2013 listed below.
the competition celebrates all works produced in water‐based mediums, whether abstract or figurative, contemporary or traditional.
You will be able to see all the artwork in The 26th Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition at the Mall Galleries between Monday 16th and Saturday 21st September

Selected for the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition
Image: Courtesy of David Firmstone

Selected Artists

83 paintings by 79 artists have been selected from an entry of about 800 paintings.  

52 artists surnames come from the first half of the alphabet - making artists with a surname starting A-M 66% of the the total selected.  Which is very odd - and worth querying!  I'll be repeating this exercise with future posts about selected artists.

If the artist has a website the link is included in the name.  I also include sundry comments about artists - and their websites.  I see an awful lot of websites and some of the obvious comments begin to jump out at you.  You can tell the ones where I found information about the artist easily.  Could I easily create a one sentence summary of you as an artist from the information you provide on your website?

I found it amazing just how many artists do NOT appear to paint regularly in watercolour - much more so than usual.

  • Akash Bhatt - a consistent exhibitor with the Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition over the years. His website is good but hasn't been updated for some time.
  • Alexandra Blum - a fascinating website with images exploring how to represent urban space in space and through different media
  • Francis Bowyer PPRWS, NEAC - a Member and Past President of the Royal Watercolour Society and is a Member of the New English Art Club.

  • Kyria Connor - an Irish artist with a very slow-loading website (hence no link)
  • Rupert Cordeux
Being a big fan of "views" paintings and the use of pen and ink I absolutely loved the two paintings by Catharine Davison whose work I've never seen before. I'm going to be taking a long slow wander around her website.
  • Maurice Gale
  • Diane Gerrard - This is her blog with no name
  • Lachlan Goudie - paints in both watercolour and gouache
  • Paul Green
  • Christopher Green
  • Haflidi Hallgrimsson
  • Ben Hart
  • Brenda Hartill
  • David Henderson A professional member of The Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolours RSW. In 2006 he won the RSW Council Award for best painting in the exhibition.
  • Philip Hood - has one of those weird websites with tiny text which jumps and flashes and which, to be perfectly honest, I find very tiresome. I think it said he'd been previously selected for the Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition
  • Andrew Horrod - by way of contrast Andrew has the sort of website which is unpretentious, loads fast, shows paintings quickly and gives up relevant information without a search! He's a full time artist based at Wimbledon Art Studios who last exhibited in this competition in 1995.
  • Thomas Lamb - this is his first year of being selected for the exhibition. I hate websites that assume you have the time to sit through a (very slow) slideshow.  In my view it's a recipe for having your work ignored.
  • Sharon Leahy-Clark - selected this year for the Jerwood Drawing Prize. the Derwent art Prize as well as for this exhibition
  • Mary Lodge
  • Mei-Yim Low - a simple website which loads fast but doesn't tell me anything about the artist's bio.
  • Robert Macdonald - one of the oddest biographies I've read in a long time - nice story though!  No details re media or size of paintings.
  • Gordon McDowall - winner of the Sunday Times 2010 Cityscape Prize with a stunning watercolour of Toledo
  • Angus McEwan RSW RWS - a lecturer in Art & Design at Dundee College and a member of the "Art of the Real" group exhibiting watercolour paintings around the world
  • Christine McKechnie - I was very sad to see a website spoilt by poor quality images.  (they need to be 72 dpi)
  • Bridget Moore - Bridget is a member artist of the Mall Galleries - being a member of both the New English Art Club and the Royal Society of British Artists
  • Chris Myers  RI  RBA - Watercolour is Chris's primary medium.  He was the subject of a 'Masterclass' feature in the current April edition of 'The Artist' magazine.  Chris is also last year's winner of the Smith & Williamson Cityscape prize. (see my blogpost about prizewinners)
Selected for Sunday Times Watercolour 2013"Waiting for the Tide" by Angus McEwen
watercolour, c.78 x 99cm (framed)
courtesy of the artist
Selected for Sunday Times Watercolour 2013
Thames Van in a Wood by David Poxon 
26" x18" pure watercolour
courtesy of the artist
  • Paul Newland VPRWS, NEACJunior Vice President of the Royal Watercolour Society and former winner of the The Turner Watercolour Award 2008 and Turner Medal.  One of my favourite watercolour painters.
  • Gavin O'Keefe
  • Richard Selby - this is his webpage at the Campden Gallery
  • Ian Sidaway (Ian Sidaway Fine Line) - His work has strong graphic qualities. In the past, he has had work shown in both the exhibitions for the ING Discerning Eye and The Sunday Times Watercolour Competitions
  • Tarragon Smith
  • Alex Stewart
  • Yinjie Sun - was born in China and now lives and works in the UK
  • Paul Talbot-Greaves (his blog Paul Talbot-Graves) - is a professional landscape painter working in watercolour and acrylics
  • Liz Thomson
  • Stephanie Tuckwell
  • Simon Turvey - has been selected ion a number of previous occasions
  • Anne Zeigler

Judging Panel

The 2013 judging panel comprises  Julia Farrer,artist; Danny Markey, artist; 
Dr Susan Owens, Curator of Painting, Victoria & Albert Museum; Desmond Shawe-Taylor CVO, Surveyor of the Queen’s Pictures; and Hugh Pearman, critic & writer, The Sunday Times.


After the exhibition at the Mall Galleries in September, this exhibition will move to Surrey where you can see it at the Guildford House Gallery in Guildford between 7 December 2013 and 4 January 2014.

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