Monday, May 27, 2013

California Art Club - 102nd Annual Gold Medal Exhibition

Flyer for the 102nd Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition
of the California Art Club
I love it when art societies put their exhibitions online!  That's not to say there's no scope for improvement.

This is the virtual exhibition of the 102nd Annual Gold Medal Exhibition of the California Art Club.  This can be seen in person at the USC Fisher Museum of Art at the University of Southern California 823 Exposition Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA between 2nd and 23rd June 2013.

The Club’s Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibitions are considered to be one of the country’s premier exhibitions of contemporary-traditional fine art.  They include both paintings and sculpture.

To start with I thought there was no slideshow - you have to open and close each painting individually - which means thumbnails rule when it comes to which ones get opened!

Then I realised that to view the slideshow, I needed to click this link and then right click the > at the top right of every image

Artwork which I particularly liked included:
Some of the paintings in the
102nd Annual Gold Medal Exhibition
 of the
California Art Club
You can also view previous annual gold medal exhibitions online

Note:  I'm going to be doing shorter posts for a while. I'm finding 19 drops per day post cataract surgery a bit of a challenge!