Friday, April 12, 2013

Who painted this? #24

I'm immersed in botanical art exhibitions right now so it seemed appropriate to make this week's image a specimen of botanical art.  Especially since I listed intently to a lovely lady from South Africa tell me this afternoon how difficult it is to paint the stems of this type of plant!

I think you might need to work out what this is before you start looking!

Who painted this? #24

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Who Painted This #23 - The Answer
Study of Resting Lamb and Head of Lamb by Hans Holbein the Younger
by Hans Holbein the Younger
Like David I tried to find the engraving or painting developed from this preparatory drawing but like David had no luck.

The correct answers

The first person to post the correct answer was Roger Brown (Roger Brown My Botswana Art)
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  1. Erica massonii
    Franz Bauer (1758-1840)
    Hand-coloured engraving published in Delineations of Exotick Plants. I would presume the original is in the collection of the Royal Botanic Gardens.I haven't been able to find out where the original is.

    Francis Masson was sent to the Cape in 1772 from the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in England. He collected specimens which he sent to England where they were drawn by Franz Bauer.

    I recognised the plant as South African Erica and remembered seeing it in my copy of South African Botanical Art Peeling Back the Petals edited and introduced by Marion Arnold.

  2. Erica massoni
    This was illustrated by Franz Bauer who was a botanical illustrator at Kew Gardens with the title 'Botanick Painter to His Majesty’He received an income of £300 per annum.
    He worked on detailed paintings using watercolour, and drawings often at microscopic level, and hand coloured lithographic reproductions of his work. During his time at Kew, Franz taught Queen Charlotte, Princess Elizabeth and William Hooker the art of illustration

    in the book
    Delineations of Exotick Plants, Cultivated in the Royal Gardens at Kew, Drawn and Coloured and the Botanical Characters], 20 hand-coloured engraved plates of Ericiae (of 30), by Daniel Mackenzie after Franz Bauer
    all plates dated 1 Jan 1793

    I thought the plant looked like an unusual sort of heather so used google to look for ericas, found one rather similar. After a number of searches using different word combinations
    botanical illustration erica print and images found the image. More info then from Sothebys and Kew gardens websites and learned a lot on the way!
    The original must be at Kew.

  3. Looks like a Bauer brother's hand. Looks like a South African Erica.

    Pulled my copy of South African Botanical art off the shelf.

    Franz Bauer Erica massonii
    hand colored engraving from Delineations of Exotick Plants cultivated in the Royal Garden at Kew, dated 1793
    20 plates by Daniel Mackenzie after watercolor paintings by Franz Bauer
    There is a copy at Kew and one in the Lindley library Rare Books room

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  5. Erica Massoni (some sort of heather)
    from Delineations of Exotick Plants Cultivated in the Royal Gardens at Kew

    Franz Bauer


    coloured (watercolour?) drawing

    Held in the Library at Kew

    Took me a while to figure out that the plant was heather - as a Canadian I am at a disadvantage!- thence to wikipedia.

  6. Artist Franz bauer
    Flower - Erica massoni
    Hand painted engravings
    Original plates are held at Royal Botanical Garden Kew Gardens

    Son of the court painter for Liechtenstein
    One of 3 brothers

    Always amazes me how modern these works seem to be.


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