Sunday, April 07, 2013

Making A Mark notches up 2 million visits

Last week Making A Mark notched up 2 MILLION visits and has very nearly achieved 3 MILLION page loads.  

However I was about to succumb to the nasty cold/flu bug for the third time(!) and hence missed the moment!

Making A Mark - Statistics as at 7th April 2013
However I knew more or less when it happened so took a look at the early morning stats on Thursday 4th April and picked out a referring blog which has been a regular friend of this blog.

I'll be writing to Jana Bouc (Jana's Journal) - whose blog regularly sends visitors to my blog - and will be sending her an Amazon voucher for 'making her mark' and generating the two millionth visitor to Making A Mark!

I've introduced Pages to the blog (see top) since the last big review two years ago (Making A Mark notches up 1 million visits). When reviewing the most popular posts, I found it interesting this time that some of the most popular posts are actually the Resource Pages at the top of the blog.

  • Did you know that most of the visits to my blog are actually accessing the archives?  The trick to generating traffic is to promote accessible archives about information which is of perennial interest!
  • If you've not yet considered using the Pages function in Blogger you might want to give it a thought.  I use it to enable people to access recurring themes on this blog. 

Here are some of the most popular posts (and pages) those two million visits have been to.   

Art Business & Marketing

Mixing Complementary Colours Using Coloured Pencils
sample by Katherine Tyrrell
Art Exhibitions 

I find it really sad that in the last year people have had to become so protective of their images following the advent of Pinterest.  I think I was one of the first to take a stand and say it doesn't need to be like this - hence the popularity of the following posts round about this time last year

PS I wrote about a post back in 2010 called Now we are 5! (12 Top Tips for being a Long Term 'Daily' Blogger).  

That should provide the answers to any questions about how I keep going!