Friday, April 19, 2013

Who painted this? #25

Who painted this? #25
You probably need to try and work out where this is and what time of year it is.  There's a few clues so take a good look!

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Who Painted This #24 - The Answer
Erica massoni L.f. (Delineations of Exotick Plants) by Franz Bauer
Erica massoni L.f.
(Delineations of Exotick Plants)
by Franz Bauer
  • Title of the artwork: Erica massoni L.f.
  • Name of the artist who created this artworkFranz Bauer
  • Date it was created: 1796-1803
  • Media used: hand-coloured engraving
  • Where it lives now: in Delineations of Exotick Plants (there are copies in various libraries generally associated with Botanical Gardens)
The image relates to a rare book which was commissioned by Kew Gardens.  This hand-coloured engraving can be found in a book called Delineations of exotick plants cultivated in the Royal Garden at Kew .

The engravings were drawn and coloured, and the botanical characters displayed according to the Linnean system by Francis Bauer (or Franz Bauer), "botanick painter to his majesty ; published by W.T. Aiton, His Majesty's gardener at Kew."  Franz Bauer worked as a botanical illustrator at Kew Gardens for nearly fifty years.  Francis Masson was sent by Kew Gardens to South Africa in 1772 to collect the Ericas and bring them back to Kew where Bauer then illustrated them.

It's been said that Wilfrid Blunt "would unhesitatingly give first place to Francis [Franz] Bauer" as "the greatest botanical artist of all time".

You can see the whole book in the digital archive of the State Library of New South Wales

A copy of the book was put up for auction at Bonhams - unbound and sold as a collection of plates dated 1793 was valued at between £7,000 and £9,000 because of its botanical importance as the first record of several species - but failed to sell.

Who guessed correct

It seems as if this time it all depended on whether or not you recognised the plant as an erica (heather).

There were six correct answers, starting with Carol Lee Beckx (Art matters)

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