Friday, January 11, 2013

Who painted this? #11

This week's is going to be a bit of a reward for people who like visiting art museums! I was absolutely stunned by this painting when I saw it for the first time - and if you've seen it too, you won't have any difficulty remembering where!

The quality of both draughtsmanship, painting and the very obvious love for the animals themselves is so self evident.

Who painted this? #11
Photo: Katherine Tyrrell
The reason you're getting a little bit of frame as well is because this is my photograph!

How to participate in "Who painted this? #11"

PLEASE make sure you read the rules before posting a comment - and ONLY POST ON THIS BLOG what you think is the answer.

Click this link to read THE RULES for participating in this challenge (this saves having to copy them out for each post!).

In short:
  • use your brains not software to find the answer (use of functionality via a browser or image search software to find "similar images" is not allowed)
  • search using words only on a database of images
  • leave your answer as a comment on this blog
  • if correct it will not be published until the next post - which provides the answer
  • if wrong it will be published
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  • the winner - who gets a mention and a link on/from this blog - is the first person to give me a completely correct answer for ALL the things I want to know
Who Painted This #10 - The Answer
Trompe l'oeil. The Reverse of a Framed Painting
Who Painted this? #10
One wonders how this painting was displayed.  If hung then it reveals the fact that it's a trompe l'oeil.  If left sitting propped against the wall, would one "notice it"?

The description of the work on the website suggests it might at sometime been part of the Royal Danish Cabinet of Curiosities - the royal Kunstkammer which was established in 1650.

I was surprised by how many of you got this right - and the explanations as to how are very entertaining to read and are an education for any of you who are still struggling with this weekly challenge

The first to guess correctly is Sue Smith of Cambridgeshire.  However I'm going to rule her entry 'out of order' this time as her use of her browser and the right click "find similar images" to find its location after she had worked out what it was is not allowed as per the first rule of participation.

However I think I maybe need to make it clearer that your browser counts as software so far as I'm concerned.

Hence the winner is Jim Serrett (Jim Serrett Studio / Pochade Box Paintings) - congratulations Jim!  BTW his blogs make for interesting reading and one or two posts are definitely going to find their way on to this or another blog in the near future!

Others who got the answer correct are:
For the record - I first came across it in the Google Art Project.

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