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Who painted this? #13

I'm still ringing the changes trying to find a painting that one of you is unable to guess within a couple of hours of it being posted!  We're back to still life this week.

Who painted this? #13
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In short:
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Who Painted This #12 - The Answer

Tribuna of the Uffizi by Johan Zoffany (1733 - 1810)
oil on canvas, 123.5 x 155.0 cm
Royal Collection
Here's the answer to Who Painted This? #12
The Royal Collection provides a very complete narrative about what this painting is about and how it came to be painted.  The Wikipedia page about this painting gives a complete list of the paintings seen in this painting

There's also an excellent Full Resolution image on Wikimedia Commons which is really worth taking a good look at in a full screen view. You'll have to remember to prop up your jaw as you see just how much painting there is in this painting!  It also accounts for how long it took to paint!

The winner - for the second week running - is collage artist Alyson Champ (The Chronicle of Wasted Time) who lives in the Chateauguay Valley, southwest of Montreal, Quebec.

Seven other people also got the correct answer.  In order, they are:
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  1. Who painted this 13
    Artist is S.J.Peploe. In the Fleming Collection. Title possibly "Apples on a Plate", painted circa 1919. He was a Scottish Colourist.

  2. First answer has been posted - but it's not quite right and it has to be correct in EVERY respect to win.

    I suggest you double check EVERY aspect and have another go!

  3. Samuel Peploe

    "Still Life: Apples and Jar"
    circa 1912-circa 1916

    oil on canvas
    51.0 x 55.8cm stretcher; 69.5 x 74.5 x 7.7cm frame
    Art Gallery of New South Wales

    Found by Googling "still life with apples" and scanning through all the Cezannes until I spotted it, then to Wikipedia, then to the Art Gallery of NSW website.

  4. Still Life. Apples and jar
    Samuel Peploe
    c 1912 - 1916
    Oil on canvas
    Art Gallery of New South Wales

    Found by googling still life with apples

  5. Ok, its a bit late, but immediately identifiable as a colourist work - but not one I know. First thought maybe Fergusson, did a search for his still lifes but no go, although some similar works. Then tried Peploe still life and it is the first image up (which is a wee bit of a shame, as it may not be his best. But I've never seen it in reality, so who knows? And, of course, still life is in the title . . .)
    So, Wikipedia says Samueld Peploe, Still-life, apples and jar, painted between (circa) 1912 and 1916, in oils, currently in the Art Gallery of New South Wales. (link -
    Nice to know there are colourist works out there as far away as this - kinda like the suprise I got in the Metropolitan in New York seeing some Raeburns!

    (As an aside, I know I'll never be the first to answer as the computer system I have access to until around 8pm on a friday will not let me post comments. Oh well.)

  6. Hi Katherine,
    This work is by the Scottish Colourist, Samuel Peploe. It is called "Still life apples and jar" painted 1912-1916 and is in the Art Gallery of New South Wales. I am a great fan of the work of the Scottish colourists and Peploe in particular. As an art tutor I have recently used his work as an example of how the use of bold backgounds can transform a still life.

  7. Well, you picked a hard one for me this time. I was lucky that I didn't have to go anywhere today as it took me several hours to find the info on this painting. I started my search on Google with the search phrase "Still life with abstract background" Could not find it with that one. Searched on just "Still Life" Way to much info. I knew I need to narrow my search. The painting actually reminded me of works by Cezanne and Manet, so searched their contemporaries. No go there either. While looking up these artist I realized that I should be looking in the Post Impressionist so did a search on "Post Impressionist Still Life" and hit the jackpot. The painting is called "Still Life: apples and jar" It is painted by Samuel John Peploe in about 1912-1916. It is oil on canvas and is now in Art Gallery New South Wales. Thanks for a fun afternoon. :>)

  8. S J Peploe
    Still Life: apples and jar
    Art Gallery of New South Wales
    It looked like the work of a Scottish Colourist so I searched on Google images for 'Scottish colourist still life' and spotted a painting by Peploe with the same jar in it.
    So I googled his name and there it was, on the full wiki.
    Beautiful painting, thank you for sharing it....

  9. Still Life: Apples and Jar, painted by S. J. Peploe (Samuel John) circa 1912 -1916 in oil on canvas. It now resides at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

    I knew it looked familiar! Right before Christmas I had been looking up some pieces by Euan Uglow and found that he was one of the "Scottish Colourists." Having just purchased a book on his work, I looked up the other members of the group and found Peploe. When checking your blog this morning I felt immediately that it must be a Peploe, but could not find the particular painting. However, I remembered that he was described as being in pursuit of the perfect still life and routinely used the same objects in his set ups. Seeing a photo of his prop closet, I thought I might try to find the objects there, but could not relocate that. But since I had the name and knew it was almost certainly Peploe's work, I went to the page on my bookmarks bar that I had bookmarked in December which was a page of images of his work from a google search then. It was not on that page, but when I clicked the bottom of the page for more images, it was there! So I don't if that's quite kosher or not, but I did recognize the style and new the name already. It's not a big deal.

    There is a new book coming out next month on his work that I've already pre-ordered and am looking forward to receiving.

  10. Still Life: Apples and a Jar
    by Samuel Peploe
    Oil on Canvas
    Art gallery of New South Wales

    I first thought of Cezanne because of the way the apples are painted but in other respects I didn't think that was the case nor did I think you would choose Cezanne for this. I googled Gaugin but not similar. Then I thought of Peploe whose work I have seen at the Fleming collection, googled and hey presto!

  11. the title of the artwork - Still life: apples and jar
    the name of the artist who created this artwork - Samuel John Peploe
    the date it was created - circa 1912-circa 1916
    the media used - oil on canvas
    where it lives now - Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
    how you know all this eg how did you do your search - The style was vaguely familiar and Cezanne popped into my head when I first saw it although I did nothing to further research it at the time. Then, I went along to the RA in order to see the Manet exhibition. While there I picked up one of their leaflets which happened to have a small sample of a Peploe - title not given - and I recognised the same style. So, looking on Google images for Peploe's work it was fairly straight forward to see samples of the image which led me to the Art Gallery NSW web site which provided the full details.

  12. Hi Katherine,
    I am probably too late, but for Who Painted This #13:

    Title: Still Life: Apples and Jar
    Name of artist: Samuel John Peploe
    Date painted: between 1912-1916
    Media used: Oil on canvas
    Where it lives now: Art Gallery of New South Wales

    I was looking at The Athenaeum ( site and stumbled upon Peploe there!


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