Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Numbers for Artists: How to work out profit from an art sale

Following on from yesterday's post How to calculate the cost of entering a juried art exhibition this post looks at profit

I've finally got round to doing something I intended to do after a post I wrote in 2009. That dealt with How much are you paying yourself?

How to Work Out Profit from an Art Sale

I've now revised this and published it as a "Numbers for Artists" Guide - called How to Work out Profit from an Art Sale.
  • This is for Artists wanting to understand the full costs which supported your creation of an artwork and how much profit they made from a sale 
  • It identifies 
    • a full cost approach to calculate actual profit from the sale of an artwork 
    • enables an estimate of an artist’s hourly rate of pay
As with yesterday's guide, you can find this on the Making A Mark Guides section of my Making A Mark website - click the link in the title of the Guide to access it.

Compare hourly rates of pay

You can also compare hourly rates of pay to the median hourly rates of pay in £ recorded for artists / graphic designers in the UK via the Payscale website.  (Note this chart updates automatically as new data is reported)


Please note subscriptions only become live after you have verified the link in the email you will receive

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