Saturday, June 02, 2012

The Big Diamond Jubilee Art Challenge

This is an Art Challenge for all those artists, young and old, who are wondering how they can mark the Diamond Jubilee on this very festive and celebratory weekend in the UK.

The Diamond Jubilee

Royal Jubilees are pretty special.  A Diamond Jubilee in the UK is extraordinary!

The Queen has now been the Queen for 60 years and is now the second longest reigning monarch in the whole history of the UK.  Both times it's been a Queen who has lived long enough to mark 60 years on the Throne.

Today - 2nd June - is the 60th anniversary of her Coronation (YouTube video)

That's why the whole of the UK is having a very long weekend with events to celebrate the Jubilee between 2nd and 5th June 2012.

The Big Diamond Jubilee Art Challenge
Produce a drawing or a painting or a print or a sculpture in the next 3 days to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.
  • you can choose any subject.  You can create a picture of the Queen or a picture of an event to celebrate the Jubilee (eg the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, The Jubilee Beacons on 4th June, A Big Jubilee Lunch Party)
  • you can use any media
  • the artwork can be as big or small as you like
  • you can use any style or approach which might be appropriate to a celebration (bunting and glitter is allowed - diamonds are optional!)
  • you can be any age (you can get let your kids or grandkids help you!)
  • you don't have to live in the UK or a Commonwealth country - anybody can take part and be part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations
  • there is no entry fee
  • Post an image of your drawing / painting / print / sculpture to your blog or Flickr account by Tuesday morning (12 midday GMT at the latest) and leave a link as a comment on this blog AND tell me:
    • the title
    • the artist(s) involved in making it and ages (if under 18)
    • the subject (if not obvious from the title)
    • size and the media used
    LEAVE A LINK AS A COMMENT on this blog to tell where I can find your artwork - so that it can be
    • highlighted in a results post - with a link to your blog; and 
    • for readers to come look at your efforts.
    Note that entry via a comment on this blog assumes your agreement to me posting the images I like the best on this blog on Tuesday 5th June.  Those featured will be those which best reflect the nature of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration.

    Note: You can leave the comment and the link before Tuesday if you finish early - and you'll probably get more visitors if you do!

    If you think you know people who might be interested in participating please share a link to this blog post.

    Some portrait inspiration

    You don't have to create a portrait of the Queen.  However if portraiture is what you like doing and you want some inspiration:
    (This blog is now having a short holiday until Tuesday!  I've got a river pageant to go to!)


    1. I just posted then saw this post.


      the title: Queen Elizabeth II
      the artist(s) involved in making it and ages (if under 18): Sue Pownall
      the subject (if not obvious from the title):
      Queen's coronation
      size and the media used
      A5 pen & watercolour.

    2. There's nothing quite like a deadline for clarifying your focus! :)

      That and the fact this is a four day celebration - so I'm starting one the first morning and we'll have the artwork posted by the end of the fourth day (Tuesday).

    3. Hi,

      I'm new to blogging as you can tell but I created one just to link this artwork for you.

      the title RED QUEEN

      the artist(s) involved in making it and ages (if under 18) ME - LESLEY HUMPHREYS (SADLY WELL OVER 18!)

      size and the media used 27.5 X 39.25ins - MIXED MEDIA

    4. Hi Katherine, I hope you had a really good time at the river festival in spite of the weather! Here is a link to my blog this morning in the west of the U.S. (your Jubilee will always be associated in my mind with an engagement announcement in our family on Saturday!).
      Artist: Katy Gilmore
      Title: "Happy Events"
      Media: what I call an iPainting - a drawing on an iPad using the Brushes app - so the size can vary.
      Thank you for your wonderful blog!

    5. If I'm not too late...
      My artwork can be found here:
      Title: Royal Britain 2012
      Artist: Kristina U.
      Media: black ink pen, colour paper
      Size: A4

    6. Not too late at all! I'm watching the service at St Paul's so won't sit down to write the post until after that

    7. Way too late I know but here it is anyway,
      Thanks for the challenge.


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