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24 June 2012 (+1) - Who's made a mark this week

I always find BP Portrait Award week really busy - two events to attend and, since I started videoing, more than a couple of posts to write and some films to make (see section on Art Competitions).  This week was complicated by a trip down to Dulwich to see two more exhibitions - the new Warhol Portfolios exhibition and the Phillip Haas Four seasons sculptures after Giuseppe Archimboldo (of which more later this week).

So - lots of scope for photos on who made a mark this week (see below)!

Let's start with one which I always love taking - the artist with the model and the portrait.  In this instance it's Alan Coulson with Richie Culver (also an artist) and Alan's portrait of Richie.  This is the chap whose portrait is on a big banner hanging outside the National Portrait Gallery in St Martin's Place.

BP Portrait Award 3rd Prize: Richie Culver by Alan Coulson
BP Portrait Award 3rd Prize: Richie Culver by Alan Coulson
Oil on wooden board 850 x 950 mm
Alan Coulson (left) with Richie Culver (right)
Artists and Art Blogs

Drawing and sketching

  • I loved the drawings of Rhode Island School of Design student, Karen Sung as featured in the post on Urban Sketchers called Background noise.  I'm well used to noting down what I hear around me when I sketch but have never incorporated it into my drawings as Karen has done
  • There's an article by London Urban Sketcher James Hobbs in Artists & Illustrators Summer Edition - with photos by me! - about Urban Sketchers, the book and the launch of Urban Sketchers London.  I downloaded an interactive edition to my iPad - it's much cheaper than the paper edition.

Dimly, it occurred me that, while modern paintings looked better in reproduction, older paintings somehow looked better in person.
Street Art

Art Business & Marketing
Art Competitions

These are this week's posts about the BP Portrait Award - together with the associated posts written earlier in the year (for the sake of completeness)

BP Portrait Award 2012

Here are other reviews of this very prestigious exhibition - and I don't include any that merely reiterate the Press Release
I'll be doing a review this week of the BP Travel Award winner's project - which is in the exhibition and the project proposed by the 2012 winner of the award

Art Exhibitions

Three of the Andy Warhol Portfolios at Dulwich Picture Gallery
photo copyright Katherine Tyrrell
Two of the Phillip Haas sculptures outside Dulwich Picture Gallery
  • British painter Jenny Saville's first solo exhibition of work in a UK public gallery opened last week at the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaelogy, Oxford and at Modern Art Oxford.  The exhibition traces her practice from the early nineties to the present and includes the very large nude work from the 1990s and very recent work.  Both exhibitions continue until 16 September.  This is the Guardian review Jenny Saville's first UK solo show opens – but mind the wet paint.  
  • Another exhibition which opened last week was 79 year old Yoko Ono's To the Light’ exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery in London. This includes installation, film, photographic and performance work as well as a selection of archival material
  • This evening I attended a preview for the new Built exhibition in the Threadneedle Space at the Mall Galleries (Mon 25 June - Sat 7 July 2012, Daily 10am-5pm Closed Tuesday 26th June for Symposium event - which I am also attending.  The exhibition closes 3pm on the final day.  Participating artists are: 

What marks out the best new graduates, in whatever media or none, tends to be a precision and self-knowledge about what they are doing. This is to look at them from the point of view of an art critic – that is, to look for people who might be around for years to come on the art scene. To be a professional artist takes vision, purpose, clarity
Art Education

Art Books
Art Education for Children
Classes and Workshops
  • The English Gardening School has a new 5 day 'Focus on Foliage' Workshop taught by Angeline de Meester, Liz Leech and Martin Allen which will run in September 2012. It is designed specifically for the more experienced botanical painter on a subject that many find challenging. You can find the details in One Week .  Liz Leech is the author of the recently published Botany for Artists
Tips and techniques
"the big look" is infinitely preferable. It gives big masses and solidity of form. In this view the artist perceives all of the scene before him in relationship to everything else. One big picture.
Art Studios and Art Supplies
Art Videos
  • My new camera is proving to be much more effective at taking videos in galleries than my camcorder - so you can expect to see me doing more videos of exhibitions where this is possible.  However I'm hoping somebody might be able to suggest a way of panning around an exhibition without jerks as I'm walking.  
and finally......

Roy Lichtenstein: A Retrospective is now open at The Art Institute of Chicago. You can generate Pop-inspired self-portraits from their DotBot comic panel generator using your computer's webcam. Post your comic panel to their Timeline and they'll add you to the photo album. Check it out:

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  1. Saw your post about "Built" earlier in the week and really must get to see it! I love architecturally inspired work.


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