Friday, May 04, 2012

The History and Story of Unison Colour

Unison Colour website
I'm a massive fan of Unison Colour - Soft Pastels - as are many other Pastel Artists.  They rate as the most popular soft pastel every time I run a poll.

Below is a video of Kate Hersey delivering the keynote speech at last year's Ninth Convention of International Association of Pastel Societies in Albuquerque in June 2011.  She's talking about her late husband John Hersey and the history behind the development of Unison Pastels.  Plus an account of how they are made today.

It's an amazingly vivid account with some stunning images of the process of making the pastels and the staff involved.  If you use Unison Pastels, as I do, this is a video which I guarantee you will very much enjoy watching.

Thanks to Astrid Volquardsen (Astrid Volquardsen pastellbilder) for kindly sending me the link.

Unison Workshops in 2012

Unison have also started to hold workshops in Northumberland - these are the ones for 2012 - which start tomorrow!
  • May 5th  Jenny Purrett "Lines in the Landscape" 
  • June 23rd Ann Oram "Still Life and the Garden" 
  • July21st/22nd Angela A'Court "Flowers with pastel" 
  • August 25th Peter Podmore "The Northumbrian Landscape" 
  • September 29th Clare Money "Bastles with pastels"
If you're a pastel artist you may find my "resources for artists" sites below to be of interest.  One of them is devoted to Unison Pastels

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