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BP Portrait Award 2012 - 55 Selected Artists

These are the 55 artists whose portrait paintings have been selected for the BP Portrait Award 2012 Exhibition - categorised by country.  The BP Portrait Award has a first prize of £25,000.

The exhibition opens to the public on 21 June at the National Portrait Gallery in London - until 23 September after which it will tour the UK - with exhibitions in Edinburgh and Exeter

Mr Kitazawa's Noodle Bar, Tokyo
by Carl Randall, 2012
© Carl Randall
Click the link in the artist's name to see their website (or that of the artist's gallery) and more or their paintings and portraits

Artist: Title of work: Country:
Peter Wegner  Jack Australia
Erik Olsen The Skateboarder Canada
Lesley McCubbin Robin Canada
Agata Wojcieszkiewicz Anita and her studio England
Alan Coulson   Richie Culver SHORTLISTED  England
Alex Hanna Alex side view England
Anastasia Pollard Tim England
Ben Ashton Lindsay Lohan England
Benjamin Sullivan Head Porter England
Carl Randall Mr.Kitazawa's Noodle Bar, Tokyo England
Edward Sutcliffe Trying to be something else England
Eileen Hogan Paul Ruddock England
Elizabeth Thayer Tony England
Emma Wesley Nick in Tartan Trousers England
Frances Bell Postman England
Isabella Watling The Importance of being Glen England
Ismail Acar Pasha Triptych England
James Stewart Sam Waley-Cohen and Irilut England
Jamie Routley Tony Lewis SHORTLISTED   England
Jean Paul Tibbles Self-portrait England
Leo Holloway Jane England
Louise Pragnell Tom England
Mary Jane Ansell Jonathan (Dad) England
Miriam Escofet John Godfrey CBE, 2010 High Sheriff England
Nancy Fletcher The Portrait Painter England
Nathalie Beauvillain Scott Bruised England
Nathan Ford Joachim England
Paul Moyse Rasputin always wins England
Ray Richardson Irish Frank England
Rupert Alexander Rob Fahey on Court England
Ruth Murray Tessa and the clay heads England
Tim Benson 92 Years England
Timothy Gatenby Mary waiting to go rollercasting England
Toby Mulligan About Time England
Tony Noble The Twins: Portrait of my wife Jackie and her sister Christine. England
Vanessa Lubach Rosie and Pumpkin England
Antonios Titakis Silent Eyes Greece
Claire Kerr Self-portrait as an Unknown Gentleman Ireland
Roni Taharlev Self-portrait Israel
Gianluca Capaldo What I See in Her . (Quello che vedo in lei Italy
Ian Cumberland Today You Were Far Away Northern Ireland
Szekely Kiraly Bogdan Ioan The Spoken Truth Romania
Alexandra Gardner Swallow Scotland
Graeme Wilcox Ian (with prop) Scotland
Peter Goodfellow All dressed up for mam and dad Scotland
Antonio Barahona Fatima Spain
Aurelio Rodriguez Lopez Mr Lascelle  Barrow Spain
Ignacio Estudillo El abuelo (Augusta Estudillo) SHORTLISTED   Spain
Ivan Franco Fraga LE ( SALMACIS Num.3 ) Spain
Aleah Chapin Auntie SHORTLISTED  USA
David Eichenberg Devan USA
Erin Wozniak Wes's Dream USA
Alan Salisbury Self-portrait with self portraits with reference to 'Boy with a basket of fruit' by Caravagio Wales
Colin Davidson The Dialects Of Silence (Portrait of Michael Longley) Irish living in Wales
Tom Dewhurst Tim Wales

You can see the shortlisted artists here BP Portrait Award 2012 - The Shortlist.  They are eligible for the cash award of £25,000 for the painting judged to be best portrait in the competition.

I recognise a number of names - but my current thinking is that this exhibition includes a lot of artists who are new to the BP Portrait Award exhibition.

This is a chart of the selected artists by country

Due to rounding: 2% = 1 artist; 4% = 2 artists; 5% = 3 artists 7% = 4 artists
Below is a comparison of last year's entries by country with this year's.  There's been
  • a small increase in the number selected from the UK (73%), 
  • a small decrease in those selected from European countries outside the UK (16%), 
  • the North Americans remain just below 10% of the overall selected artists and 
  • an Australian artist (a former winner of the 2006 Doug Moran Portrait Prize) has submitted work and been selected
2011  2,012
 UK  70% 73%
 Europe (ex. UK)  21% 16%
 North America  9% 9%
 Other  0% 2%

Thanks to all at the NPG Press Office for their assistance with this post.

You can find
Note:  The reason for choosing a group portrait for the image for this post is I would really like to see a prize for those who produce portraits of more than one person.  I think it's such a pity that this challenging aspect of portraiture is not yet recognised with a major prize.  I thought Mr Kitazawa's Noodle Bar, Tokyo by Carl Randall is really great!

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