Sunday, November 06, 2011

6th November 2011 - Who's made a mark this week?

Autumn Sunrise by Loriann Signori,
10 x 10 pastel on watercolor

This week I'm featuring Autumn at the beginning of this post - starting with Loriann Signori's wonderful Autumn Sunrise!  I really like people who paint subject matter appropriate to the season.  It always seems to help give me a fresh eye on the world around me.
Autumn sunlight near Verinas by Nigel Fletcher

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Landscape art
The sky is the soul of all scenery. It makes the earth lovely at sunrise and splendid at sunset. In the one it breathes over the earth a crystal-like ether, in the other a liquid gold.Thomas Cole
  • Sherrie York (Brush and Baren) has got a series of posts which show a linocut print as a work in progress - which I never tire of looking at - and at the same time she's highlighting problems with the process - she's got "paper fuzzies"!
Art Business and Marketing
Art Economy and Art Collectors
  • I don't whether to be pleased or not that I spotted an article on Art info about a battle over resale royalties involving Gagosian which now appears to have been withdrawn.  It was a good story - pity we can't see it!
  • The Art Newspaper offered two different perspectives on the German master forgers aka "the nice family of counterfeiters"
Die Welt says that the “likeable” Beltracchi deserves our applause for his masterly forgeries, while an opinion piece in Die Zeit calls for an exhibition of the fakes.
Art Competitions
  • The exhibition for the 2011 ING Discerning Eye Competition opens on Thursday at the Mall Galleries.  It's always a really interesting exhibition to attend - and I'm looking forward to seeing what John's chosen!
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The exhibition makes its premiere in Milwaukee, presenting more than one hundred drawings, watercolors, and pastels by many of the greatest artists in the history of Western European art—Manet, Degas, Renoir, C├ęzanne, Seurat, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec.
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The only artists I feature on this blog, whose work is not in exhibitions in major galleries, people I know personally or those who have art blogs or enter their work in the open exhibitions by art competitions or national art societies.  See "For Information" in the side column to drop me a line.
Silver Sands by Elizabeth McCrindle
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    • Winsor and Newton have this interesting page - The Winsor and Newton Mediums Finder - which identifies mediums you need to use.  Tell it what you're working with and what you want to do and it tells you what you need to use!  Simple!  How come nobody thought of this before?
    Opinion Poll
    Internet, webware and blogging
    • Jeanette Jobson last week asked Help or hindrance. What does your blog do for you? and quite a few of us posted our views.  What do you think?
    • For the font geeks (that'll be me and some of you) - and a few more besides who really ought to know a bit more about fonts - an interesting post about the 8 worst fonts in the world.  
    • My Google Reader - which is how I read most blog posts - got a new "fresh" look this week.  Have you got it yet?  All I can say is thank goodness the page rank widget still works!
    • Tina Mammoser made it out of one dead laptop and into a new studio laptop with almost all her files intact!  Looks like Mac hard drives never die!
    and finally......

    An exhibition with a difference - check out this exhibition in Australia - Sculpture by the Sea 2011 - the Bondi exhibition is now open until 20th November 2011.  This link provides you with a slideshow of 30 of the exhibits
    See the spectacular Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk transformed into a 2km long temporary sculpture park featuring over 100 sculptures by artists from Australia and across the world.


    1. thanks you Katherine..for the nod on my two "foliage" posts..I appreciate your encouragement and support!

    2. Wow, I think that is the most gorgeous image to open your blog ever! Love it. :)

      And the Google Reader, I'm still getting used to it! I'm not sure how I feel about it but am sure it will grow on me.

    3. Thanks Ronelle! :)

      It's certainly a "come on over here and look at me" pastel painting isn't it? Loriann does such luscious work. I think this one might just be a contender for the Making A Mark Best Picture of the Year!

    4. Hi Katherine,
      Thanks so much for placing my recent pastel on your blog. What an honor it is to be included in Making a Mark!! Thanks also for your kind words.I really appreciate the boost. As you know I always consider your blog a treat. Thanks for all you do! Loriann

    5. Love Lorianne's work!!!

      Interesting post as always.


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