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27th November 2011 - Who's made a mark this week?

Portobello Road by Peter Brown
Won the The Prize of the Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers at NEAC Annual Exhibition
Peter Brown ("Pete the Street" - he paints plein air in towns)  won two prizes at the New English Art Club Annual Exhibition.  He has a couple of videos on this website.  One of then is Pete the Painter - filmed in Bath on the 6th January 2010 when the residents of Bath residents along with people across the UK woke up to deep snow.  Note there is snow on both painter and painting!

Artists and Art Blogs

Interviews with artists
Botanical Art 

These are blogs which focus on drawing and sketching botanical subject matter
  • Sketchbook Squirrel is posting pages from the botanical sketchbook she is keeping for the Society of Botanical Artists' Diploma in Botanical Art
  • The Art of Mindy Lighthope is recommended by Sketchbook Squirrel.  Mindy was the Botanical Art program coordinator at NYBG from 1996 to 2006.
  • Drawn to Paint Nature is a journal of botanical and nature art through the seasons in west Wales
  • Sketching in Nature - is the group blog started by Cathy Johnson which has been featured here before - but it's always worth reminding people.
  • Art Plantae Today is a blog about all matters relating to botanical art.  This week it featured a post about a Botany Program for Botanical Artists Launched in UK
Drawing and Sketching
  • Another art video - this time by Debbi Kaspari (Drawing the Motmot).  Gray Winged Trumpeter Helps Me Draw in the Amazon is very funny - as well as allowing you to see how Debbi creates her drawings.  Thanks to Jamie Williams Grossman who highlighted it on Facebook
Art Business and Marketing

Working as an artist in the UK
  • My post on Monday about next year's Cultural Olympiad generated meant I looked at recent pronouncements on the Arts Council website - one of which then generated this post for non-UK artists this week - How to get a visa to live in the UK as an artist
Art Collectors / Art Economy

"The Culture Vulture"

  • The Telegraph wrote last week about Return of the culture vulture - the huge numbers of people who are still prepared to spend money on top notch culture.

Art Crime
Art Competitions
Art Exhibitions

National Art Galleries and Museums

This will be the first substantial survey of his work in a British institution and will bring together key works from over twenty years.
I wonder if he's giving them money in the same way he gave the Wallace Collection money for their exhibition of his really awful paintings? Here are a couple of articles about it
The only time I've bought work in a secret auction, I picked work by two artists - Annie Williams RWS RE and June Berry RWS - I recognised straight away and got an absolute bargain!

Regional Museums / Galleries
Art Societies
Art Bloggers

A couple of art bloggers are in winter group shows.
Art Education
Take a few minutes to learn about the SOPA/E-PARASITE/PROTECT IP bills. They’re really bad bills.
and finally......

I don't think that the pepper-spaying cop ever envisaged that there would be quite such a viral response to his action.  Hopefully this will deter others from being stupid enough to do likewise
The image of campus policeman John Pike pepper-spaying peaceful protesters at UC Davis has instantly become one of the most iconic images of the Occupy movement. And now it has entered art history as well. 
These are links to sites which highlight the visual images produced as a result of this new Internet meme.
  • Pepper-Spraying Cop Storms the Art Historical Canon provides an overview
  • this is the tumblr blog of James Alex (Jockohomo) who started the art history adaptations of the image of the pepper-spraying prat wearing a police uniform
    • Thomas Eakins,The Gross Clinic 1875, 
    • Willard’s The Spirit of 76’, 1875,
    • Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World, 1948, Eakins’Arcadia c. 1883,
    • Manet’s Le Déjeuner Sur L’herbe, 1863. 
    • Seurat, The Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, 1884–1886
    • John Trumbull’s Declaration of Independence - has attracted the most votes of appreciation
Other comments include: The pepper-spraying cop gets Photoshop justice

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    1. I have seen Pete out and about painting in Bath. I have never bothered him as I wouldn't like to be myself, but love to see his work and spot where it was painted from.

      Oh yes, I remember that cold snowy morning myself.


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