Saturday, August 06, 2011

Techie - Thoughts on Tumblr?

I've been talking to people about Tumblr and looking at some Tumblr sites recently.  Some of the images are amazing.  In short, it's a microblogging service - an analogy might be Twitter with pictures and sounds.

Now I'm interested to know:
  1. How many of you are aware of Tumblr?
  2. How many of you are actually using Tumblr on a regular basis?
  3. What tips do you have if you use Tumblr?
  4. What you want to know if you've looked at the site but as yet have not taken the plunge?
  5. If this is the first time you've visited the website, what are your first impressions?
For the record here is:
Copyright and accreditation
See Feature Friday- Quilled Starry Night for ORIGINAL content
I'm not sure they are too hot in enforcing copyright infringement - which is one of my queries (mainly because I've seen it happen)
  • above you can see images which have been notionally sourced from The Telegraph - which in turn appear to have sourced them from a blog by Susan Myers called Suzy's Artsy Crafty Sitcom
  • the top image used has carefully removed the accreditation line - see feature pic on original blog post cited below
  • Although both the article and post name the artist, neither the so-called "source" or the Tumblr post actually accredited the artist with a link to the ORIGINAL source ie Feature Friday- Quilled Starry Night - which is stunning post which shows you how this was done with quilled paper.  So everybody gets to admire it but the artist gets no traffic to her blog!
Any thoughts?

UPDATE: re copyright infringement of Suzy Myers' work

7th August 2011

I left a comment on Suzy's blog post yesterday (ie Feature Friday- Quilled Starry Night) after publishing this post and indicated that maybe the visuals have travelled rather further than she was aware. 

I got this very nice comment by way of reply which I'm republishing below.  Note in particular her comments re Tumblr and that Etsy practices proper accreditation
Hi Katherine!

Thank you for the heads up.  Since the photos went viral about a week ago, I have lost track of where they are being shown and if I have been linked to them.  It seems that tumblr is the main area where copyright seems to be lost.  Unfortunately they are picking it up from each other and passing it on, crediting the tumblr site that they found it from.  I figure that at this point, if someone wants to know more about me or my artwork, I am easily found on google.  Most likely the way you found me.  Ha!

Fortunately, some of the larger sites have credited my site, including Etsy's Facebook page who picked it up and it resulted in 4000 folks an hour swinging by to check out my work.  I am more than thrilled.  

In a normal world, I have been known to persue folks and make them add a mention of where they got it from.  But this has gotten so out of hand, it would be very difficult to try at this point.  I do appreciate your post.  It brings to light an issue that gets more prevalent every day.  

Thank you!!