Friday, August 19, 2011

Making A Mark remains #3 in top 25 art blogs in UK

Creative Tourist have updated their listing of the top 25 art blogs in the UK and Making A Mark remains at #3!

Here's the top 10 - listed below.  However you'll need to visit Creative Tourist and its post The Top 25 UK Arts & Culture Blogs to see the top 25 and find out which are the new blogs in the list  (ignore the date posted - as they keep updating the same post to make sure it remains a current link for people!  The comments relate to all previous listings if you're wondering why a comment doesn't match the current listing!)

If you try visiting the blogs, you'll note that each has defined its own niche and perspective on the artworld and nobody is trying to copy anybody else!  There's a message in there somewhere!

I note CT have now included the Twitter addresses as well as links to the blogs which is a boon

1.  We Make Money Not Art @
Set up in 2004 by the hugely knowledgeable RĂ©gine Debatty, We Make Money Not Art has taken the art world by storm with its eclecticism, style and above all, detailed and fascinating content.
2. Things Magazine
Describing itself as “An online journal about objects and meanings”, Things Magazine was originally set up by writers based from the V&A and Royal College of Art and now exists as this engaging website and blog.
3. Making a Mark @
Artist and author Katherine Tyrrell draws and writes about art for artists and art lovers.
4. 1000 Words Photography @
A new entry at number eight, 1000 words is a visually stunning trip through the world of contemporary photography.
5. Frieze Blog @
Clearly a major player in the art world, the Frieze blog allows the editors chance to cover smaller and, at times, more quirky subjects
6. Jonathan Jones on Art (Guardian)
Needing little introduction, this blog by established critic Jonathan Jones is always worth a read.
7. UK Street Art @
Covering street art, graffiti and exhibitions in galleries across the UK, this blog has bags of enthusiasm, spark and intelligent commentary.
8.  Follow the Yellow Brick Road @
Writer and blogger, Katherine Woodfine runs this delightful blog about arts, literature and culture around Manchester and London.
9. Where’s Runnicles? @
From an Edinburgh based blogger, Where’s Runnicles is a review based blog covering both performance and visual arts.
10. Charlotte Higgins (Guardian)  @
Another site from the Guardian’s stable of popular blogs, Charlotte Higgins gives her opinions on a wide range of topics from the Royal Opera, to the outbursts of famous artists, our national museums and Barack Obama’s taste in art.
It's worth noting that the algorithm which the good people at Creative Tourist use to produce this listing factors in a number of different but very relevant variables - which is one of the reasons accounts why the newspaper blogs don't swamp the listing. 


  1. Congratulations, and deservedly so too. Love your blog/s.

  2. Well done, Katherine! I can only marvel at your discipline, consistency and determination. Lesley

  3. Yes... Congratulations.

    A blog you obviously put a lot of work into.
    You always have so much its tough to keep up let alone trying to get back to the beginning and all I missed before I discovered it.

    Great work!

  4. Thanks

    The Link Within widget is really helpful for alerting people to what lies in the archives. The posts which show up go back well over five years and most are not date-related - so many still relevant today!

  5. Well done Katherine. It's a real asset and I don't quite know how you manage to keep this up and paint too!!!

  6. I mean draw!! :)

  7. Congratulations, Katherine... I'm always glad to see your hard work acknowledged and appreciated!

  8. Congratulations on this accomplishment, Katherine. You put a lot of energy into this wonderful and resourceful blog. It is good to see you getting the recognition you deserve.


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