Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Top Ten Fine Art Books in July

I'm enjoying revising Makingamark's Top 10 Fine Art Books at the end of each month - just so I can to find out what's changed! While it's amazing how some books 'stick' in the top spot, it's also really good to see others that seemingly appear from nowhere to occupy that top spot - whether for "best selling" or for "top rated".

For the July edition, I've modified the categories for top fine art books as follows:
  • the drawing, painting, art business categories stay the same
  • 'artists' now expands to include 'art history' so that I can pick up the more generic art history books which focus on artists across different movements and periods.
  • I've split the listings relating to NEW Fine Art books.

So, for example, in the new category in July:
I hope you find these refinements useful - I know I'm going to!

So here's the links to those books in the following categories
You can find out about... ...just click a link and go straight to that topic

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