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Jerwood Drawing Prize 2010 - The Shortlist

The shortlist for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2010 has been published.  The shortlist includes established artists as well as relative newcomers and students fresh from art school.
The Jerwood Drawing Prize is the country’s leading award in drawing, and is the largest and longest running annual open exhibition dedicated to drawing in the UK. 
The award winners will be announced on 28th September 2010.  Prizes include:
  • a first prize of £6,000, 
  • a second prize of £3,000, and 
  • two student awards of £1,000 each.
Drip 20 Assorted Colour Inks, biro on paper, 2010
by Lesley Halliwell

Back in April I wrote on this blog about how to enter the Jerwood Drawing Prize - Making a Mark: The Jerwood Drawing Prize - how to enter

Some of you may have not entered for a variety of reasons.  Some of those reasons will relate to your thoughts about whether or not their work 'fits' with this Prize.  Now the shortlist has been announced you can take a look at the websites of the shortlisted artists - see below.

The list comes from the Jerwood Drawing Prize site and all the links to websites are down to me.  If any artist would like their link changed to a more appropriate site please contact me. 

(Note:  See also The Websites of Contemporary Painters in the UK)  I arrived at a new standard for searching for an artist's website while completing this list - the basic standard is you've got 15 seconds and the first two pages of Google to show me your work (outside a group exhibition).  I think that might be a bit more than most people would allow.)

The Jerwood Drawing Prize Shortlist

Just under 3000 entries were submitted this year for consideration by the distinguished panel of selectors comprising of:
  • Charles Darwent, Art Critic, Independent on Sunday; 
  • Jenni Lomax, Director of the Camden Arts Centre; and 
  • Emma Talbot, artist. 
The artists short-listed for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2010 are:

Chris Agnew
Paul Allcock
Warren Andrews
Lucy Austin
Philip Baird
Mehrdad Bordbar
Jessie Brennan
Rebecca Chalmers
Perienne Christian
Julie Cockburn

Tattoo Face, Embroidery on found image, vintage frame, 2010
by Julie Cockburn
Betsy Dadd
David Davies
Aimee Day
Jeffrey Dennis
Sarah-Jane Dougal
Annabel Dover
James Eden & Olly Rooks
Mark Farhall
Jonathan Farr
James Faure Walker
Paul Fieldsend-Danks
Tom Flint
Maryclare Foa
Nina Fowler
Sharon Frankland
Cadi Froehlich
Stefan Gant
John Gledhill
Thomas Gosebruch
Lothar Gotz
Lesley Halliwell
Justin Hibbs
Donna Huddleston
Martin Huxter
Samuel Kelly
Jane Kilford
Edward Lawrenson
Andy Lawson
Rachel Levitas
Cathy Lomax
Kristin Luke
Sally Madge
Alexander Massouras
Benjamin Meschko
Naoko Miyazaki
Liana Moran
Laura Moreton-Griffiths
Katherine Murphy
Michael O'Mahony
Michael Page
Andrew Penketh
Clare Petherick
Peter Rasmussen
Giulia Ricci
Susan Roan
Elizabeth Rowe
Raji Salan
Louise Schmid
Karin Schosser
Lindsay Sekulowicz
Andrew Seto
Aaron Sewards
Maaike Anne Stevens
Srinivas Surti
Yuma Tomiyasu
Sarah Tynan
Virginia Verran
Diane Welford
Hannah Wooll
George Young

Jerwood Drawing Prize 2010 Exhibition

The selected artists will display their nominated drawings in an exhibition at Jerwood Space, London, SE1 0LN from 29th September – 7th November 2010, and then on tour.

Link:  Art Competitions in the UK - Resources for Artists

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