Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Botanical Sketchbook publishes in the USA

Botanical Sketchbook by Mary Ann Scott with Margaret Stevens

Just to remind those of you in the USA that today's the day that Botanical Sketchbook publishes in the USA courtesy of American Artist Books. 

Below you can find my summary review of this book - however the "in-depth" review of this book has now been moved to Book Review: Botanical Sketchbook on Making A Mark Reviews Botanical Art and Artists. 

I'm not sure if there are any differences in the American Publication because my copy is a review copy for the version published in the UK back in April.

This book is a delight as well as being very informative about the role of the sketchbook played in Mary Ann's completion of her SBA Distance Learning Diploma Course - awarded with a distinction.  It's highly recommended for all those wishing to study botanical art to a professional level.

Botanical Sketchbook (UK version - Anova/Batsford Books) Published April 2010
Botanical Sketchbook (USA version - American Artist Books)
Published August 2010
Synopsis: This book will provide inspiration to all those who aspire to become botanical artists. It is a record of one woman's development into a successful botanical artist. As part of the Distance Learning Diploma Course run by the Society of Botanical Artists, students are required to keep a sketchbook. The one kept by Mary Ann Scott was exceptional and prompted the idea for this book. Her book covers the exercises, colour charts and basic preparatory work for each assignment, plus the three works for her final portfolio.
Summary review: This book provides a masterclass for all aspiring botanical artists and is highly recommended. It will become an essential buy for all students of the Society of Botanical Artist's Diploma in Botanical illustration. It's also a recommended buy for all other aspiring botanical art students and artists and many of their tutors. It provides an excellent benchmark for the standard of botanical illustration and painting which can be achieved by an exceptional student. It also tells the story of how such excellence can be developed - through much practice and intelligent use of the botanical sketchbook.

Read an interview with the author of Botanical Sketchbook - A Making A Mark Interview with Mary Ann Scott
  • the story of studying for a Diploma in Botanical Illustration - with a chapter for each assignment
  • provides a students perspective on completing the Diploma
  • provides an insight into what is taught and what tutors are looking for
  • demonstrates the qualities of character required for botanical art as well as artistic skills
  • lots of practical botanical art tips
  • particularly helpful for watercolour artists - colour charts and colour mixing swatches permeate this book
  • very well produced - the stand of colour reproduction of the illustrations is excellent
  • provides a practical benchmark for all students of botanical art and their tutors
Think Again?
  • while the book outlines the assignments it doesn't contain all the material provided for Diploma students. This is only accessible by enrolled students or by visitors to the Annual Exhibition of the SBA.
Who should buy this?:
  • actual and potential students of the Diploma in Botanical Illustration run by the Society of Botanical Artists
  • aspiring botanical artists
  • botanical artists who want to improve their work
  • botanical art tutors
Who should not buy this?
  • anybody not interested in botanical art
Author / (Publisher) Mary Ann Scott with Margaret Stevens (in association woith the Society of Botanical Artists) / Batsford - Anova Books
Technical data: Publication Date: April 2010
Hardcover (with dust jacket) - 128 pages;

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