Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nominate for Making A Mark Awards #7

My invitations to nominate are now in the home straight - so it's maybe apt that I'm using the "The Home Front" as a way of summarising this last set of awards. Nominations close on 24th December and I'm hoping you have lots of bright ideas for nominations. I've certainly been very impressed with the ones you've come up with so far!
You are invited to nominate for the awards summarised below. Instructions on how to nominate for these and other awards are also set out below.
Want some context? You can see all the previous winners of the Making A Mark Awards here. This provides a summary of the reasons why each each winner won their prize and also gives you a link to the posts which include the full citations and highlight who else was considered for each of the awards to date.

Nominations sought for:

“The Moose” Award for the best animal in an illustrated blog

This award is for particularly noteworthy artwork about an animals or animals posted to an art or illustrated blog in 2009
"Guess Who"
ACEO 2.5" x 3.5" (coloured pencil on film)
Copyright and all rights reserved: Maggie Stiefvater

This award is named after the very first winner of the award (a cat!). All animals are eligible domesticated or wild. Although there's a bit of a lean towards domesticity - to date two cats and some birds have won the award - hence why this one comes under "The Home Front". Surely it's time for the dogs to get a look in?

Previous winners are

The “Tales from the Frontline” Mention in Despatches / The “Amusing Musings” Trophy

Originally two awards but combined into one for the last two years.
  • The Amusing Musings Trophy is for keeping me amused.
  • The “Tales from the Frontline” Mention in Despatches - my favourite blog by somebody who lives with an artist.
Past winners are:

NEW!!! The Most Gorgeous Mouthwatering (MGM) Studio of the Year

There are no previous winners as this is a new award - but you have a chance to nominate the first winner of this award:
  • 2009 - nominations please
I simply love looking at other people's studios and what you do with them. The nominations for this category don't have to be about a makeover - although I love it if it is with work in progress photos and posts which include insights into your deliberations about what to do and what goes where. It's not about size either. I've salivated over a fair few tiny studios where the sheer creativity about how you get everything to fit in in really makes me gasp.

Put simply - all you have to do is simply make me drool with envy!

So if you're really proud of what you've done this year with your studio why not nominate yourself and your studio?

This is the last invite to nominate for the Making A Mark Awards. You can find the details of how to nominate for all the other awards in the links below.

Links: The Making A Mark Awards 2010 for blogging about art - Making A Mark: End of Year Review


  1. I'd like to nominate Teresa Mallen's studio as The Most Gorgeous Mouthwatering Studio of the Year

    Teresa's studio in Ontario is light and spacious and tidy! It has all the elements in place for immersing yourself in art. She uses it for teaching classes and opens it to studio tours.

    Some images of her studio are here

    Each time I see it, I sigh longingly and wish I had that space and light.

  2. Nomination for mouthwatering studio is Joan Gold at .

    This is from her website and she has a new blog. The studio is gorgeous because of the art not the physical space itself. I call it her cave of color and light. It takes your breath away to walk in and you are immediately transported to a world of pure color and joy.

    Joan is a spectacular artist, and now a blogger as well.

  3. I would like to nominate for the "The Moose" a lemur by Felicity Grace at:

  4. shameless self promotion here: for the Moose Award either Cosmo the Pug or Origami Broncs

    thanks for your consideration, Kim Santini

  5. I'll nominate my own studio makeover. My home renovation was the majority of my blog posts in early 2009 but the majority of the posts summarizing the studio are in this archive:

  6. I was just bowled over by Sheona Hamilton Grant's portrait of Hurricane, which I would like to nominate for the Moose Award: (the writing on this post is delightful as well!!)


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