Friday, December 25, 2009

Vote for the best artwork on an art blog in 2009

You are invited to vote for
the Making A Mark Award
for the best artwork on a blog in 2009

Readers were invited to nominate work (which can be seen in yesterday's posts - listed at the end). I've then selected a shortlist for each of the three categories.

There is, of course, no right or wrong answer to which pieces should be selected from those which were nominated.

Before the display of images of the shortlist I've said a few words about why I chose the works that I did. You might also be interested in my comments in a couple of posts I did last year which provide some more context for making a selection - here are my thoughts on Selection, jurying and must-see lists and Juried art competitions - does size matter?

What you have to do now
Decide which artwork you like the best (see images below) in each of the three different categories) and then vote in the poll relating to each category - but one vote per category please! ;)
  • The deadline for voting is a minute past midnight (Greenwich Mean Time) on Wednesday 30th December 2009.
  • I will then formally announce the winner of each category in the second part of the Making A Mark Awards in a post later on the 30th December.
  • You'll only be able to see the percentages of the vote which each piece attracts. However the work which attracts the most votes will also be declared Picture of the Year!
I suggest you click on the images before voting so you can see all the work properly. When you've voted you can then view the results by clicking on the 'view result' link in the bottom left hand corner (just above the polldaddy link).

You now have five days to vote for which is the best artwork in each category. There are three polls below - please take your time and vote on each.

The Making a Mark Prize for Best Artwork - Portrait / Figures 2009
aims to celebrate and highlight excellence in portraiture
and/or artwork predominantly involving figures

I've chosen three works where I believe in the people. Each of the artists has added something into the picture they have created which says something about the individuals that they've portrayed. My guess is that each artist relied on a photograph - and yet I don't have a sense that any of the figures have been posed. Each left me feeling like I'd walked into their lives for a moment.

"Palm Sunday"
by Karin Jurick
7 x 14", oil on masonite
"A woman sketching"
by Gary Nemkosky
12x16 Watercolor on 300 lb. Arches Aquarelle block
(nominated by
Ann Thomson Nemkosky)

"In your own darkroom, wishes..."
by Pierre Raby
9-1/4 x 11-3/4 inches, Graphite and conte on bristol,
(nominated by David Page Coffin)

The Making a Mark Prize for Best Portrayal of a Place 2009
aims to
celebrate and highlight excellence in creating pictures
about places in our environment

Two of these nominations are ones which I responded to strongly when they were first posted and I was very pleased to see others were of like minds. Both Sarah Wimperis and Casey Klahn base their paintings on keen observation and yet both are able to be develop strong colour statements and free and painterly with their chosen media - watercolour and pastel respectively. During 2009, Sarah and Casey have also developed a large body of work associated with their chosen rivers. The piece by Michael Hampton appeals to my liking for architectural paintings but edged in front of the other pieces because he also provided a very helpful explanation on his blog of how he sets about producing these paintings.

"Helford Regatta"
by Sarah Wimperis
40cm x 40cm (16inches x 16 inches) Watercolour
(nominated by Julie Broom )

"The Temple of the Four Winds"
by Michael Hampton
(nominated by eLIZabeth Floyd)

"Lazy River"
by Casey Klahn
19" x 25" Pastel
(nominated by
Astrid Volquardsen)

The Making a Mark Prize for Best Portrayal of a Still Life in 2009
aims to highlight and celebrate excellence in creating pictures
which help us to reflect on how the small and/or still can be beautiful

I like still life paintings which go beyond good technique and the portrayal of found objects. In their own way, each of the pieces which you can see below stimulates my mind as well as providing pleasure for my eye. There's an element of quirkiness to each of them which I particularly like.

"Blocks No.5"
by Neil Hollingsworth
18 x 18 oil on hardboard
(nominated by Karin Jurick)

'Sometimes I Feel Like You Look Right Through Me'
by Sally Tharp
48" x 48"
(nominated by Julie Broom)

"Nine Stones"
Don Grey
nine panels - each 23" x 23" - make up one artwork
(nominated by David Page Coffin)

With my best wishes to you and yours in this festive season.
I'll be back with the first instalment
of the Making A Mark awards
on Tuesday 29th December


  1. Thank you for the time you put for this blog.
    The mentioned artists are all super.

  2. Very best wishes for the season Katherine. Looking forward to another marvellous year of Making a Mark!!

  3. voted! :) And just thought Michael Hampton might enjoy the etchings of Andrew Ingamells: (I used to sell his work as partner in a publishing company)

    Michael's work has the same really intricate rendering, gorgeous!

  4. Hi,

    Since they're all technically good, the aesthetical factor had a major influence that usually does regarding my voting.

    A Happy New Year to all of you,


  5. Tough decisions! Wonderful nominations too.

  6. Katherine - I am amazed at the amount of work that you do for your blog. I get exhausted just looking at it. lol Thank you so much for all the info and links you give to your readers!!!

    It was an honor to be nominated for an award this year. That wasn't even on my list of things to accomplish this year.

    Have a wonderful holiday and a wonderful 2010!

  7. well done to all the artists who were part of this poll and to you Katherine for setting the whole thing up. wishing you all the best in 2010. r.


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