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Nominate the Best Artwork (Place) on a blog in 2009

You are invited to NOMINATE an artwork on an art blog for

The Making a Mark Prize for Best Portrayal of a Place 2009

This prize celebrates and highlights excellence in

creating pictures about places in our environment
  • The place can be anywhere in the world, in the town or the country, inside or out, on land, on water or in the air. It can be real or imaginary. The inclusion of figures is entirely optional - however the emphasis should be on the place and not the figures (see another MaM the prize re. figures)
  • In 2009, any artist can be nominated who has created a portrayal of a place - real or imaginary - and posted their work to their art or illustrated blog in 2009.
  • 2D artwork is eligible - artwork can be a painting (in any media) or a drawing (in any media) or a fine art print (using any method)
  • Work is NOT eligible if it appears to be be or more of the following:
    • was not completed in 2009
    • has not appeared on an art or illustrated blog in 2009
    • over-reliant on a photograph not taken by the artist
    • subjected to lots of digital manipulation/tweaks (over and above that needed to make it read 'true' on screen)
  • An artist can be nominated more than once - by different people - for different works
  • An artist can be nominated more than once - by different people - for the same work
  • To be shortlisted the nominated artist must agree to their work being displayed on this blog as part of the shortlist.
  • Anonymous nominations are not permitted. In order to nominate you too must have an art or illustrated blog and be capable of being identified by me. (This is to stop spammers!)
  • All nominations must be in English
Vue de toits, effet de neige (1879) by Gustave Caillebotte (1848-1894)
Shown at the 4th Impressionist Exhibition

Musee D'Orsay

To nominate - just comment on this blog post providing all the necessary details (see below) before 24th December 2009
  • Your nominations MUST identify:
  • the title of the piece
  • the name of the artist,
  • the name and URL of the blog (eg The Art Blog - http://theartblog.blogspot.com)
  • the date, title and URL of the blog post in which the artwork appears (please provide a link)
  • SAY WHY YOU LIKE THE WORK - this bit is really important so please do the best you can. Remember that nominations are open and transparent and that it's good to share a genuine tribute.
  • You need to ask the artist if their work can be posted on my blog - and let me know what the answer is.
  • An artist can nominate their own work.
  • Nominations close just after midnight on 24th December.
  • I will then select a shortlist of three works from the nominations prior to posting them on this blog and inviting readers to vote for their favourite artwork.
  • This shortlist of three works then becomes eligible for the overall Making A Mark Prize for best artwork on a blog.
  • Results are published on this blog 30th December
Read Making A Mark: End of Year Review and consult the links below to find out more about the other Making A Mark Awards.
(see below - links become live as invites are posted)
One more post today - Nominate the Best Art (Portrait/Figures) on a Blog in 2009. The remainder will be posted this week.

In January 2010 I will be starting a major blog project about Landscapes in Art - bookmark this blog or subscribe if you want to find out more about this.

Links: The Making A Mark Awards 2010 for blogging about art - Making A Mark: End of Year Review


Tony Wildish said...

I would like to nominate "Rocky Shores of Lac Leman", by Nat Wildish, on the DweezelJazz Art blog, http://www.dweezeljazzart.com/DJBlog/.

The picture was posted on September 17th 2009, in 'Egg Tempera Painting of “Rocky Shores of Lac Leman”'.

This painting captures the calmness of this beautiful lake, the clear waters inviting you to dip your toes in. It's very much what summer in Geneva is about.

Tony Wildish said...

I nominate "Gex Church View", by Nat Wildish, on the DweezelJazz Art blog, at http://www.dweezeljazzart.com/DJBlog/.

The picture was posted on October 16th 2009, in 'Working With Photographs As Reference For Paintings'.

This painting shows the view from the church at the top of Gex, looking down the narrow streets to the town hall. Gex is a historic town, with many small streets and alleys to explore, leading to the countryside that surrounds it. I've been walking around there for a few years now, and still haven't seen it all yet.

Tony Wildish said...

I nominate “Stourhead Majestic Trees”, by Nat Wildish, on the DweezelJazz Art blog, at http://www.dweezeljazzart.com/DJBlog/.

The picture was posted on September 15th 2009, in Egg Tempera Painting of “Stourhead Majestic Trees”.

Stourhead has some magnificent gardens with some very old trees. There is a path that leads you around the lake to all sorts of special places, and these trees are among the most spectacular. The smooth, twisted, sloping trunks are very unusual, you feel you're almost entering another world.

Tony Wildish said...

I forgot to mention in the works by Nat Wildish that I nominated, I do have her approval to nominate them.

Making A Mark said...

I think I need to make it clearer that I meant that an artist can be nominated more than once BY DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

I'll take the first of Tony Wildish's nominations unless he wants to indicate otherwise

I'm now off to change my posts to make it clearer that each individual can nominate one artist once in each category.

Julie Dunion said...

I'd like to nominate Sarah Wimperis painting at the Helford Regatta.


I don't recall ever seeing the drama and excitement of fireworks depicted so beautifully. The painting just bursts with energy; the expert use of contrast and colour makes this work truly dazzling.

DweezelJazz said...

I'd like to nominate:

Title of the Piece: "Homeward Bound"
Name of Artist: Sarah Wimperis
Name of blog: The Red Shoes
url of blog: http://muddyredshoes.blogspot.com/

The artwork appears in blog post
dated: July 1, 2009
titled: Homeward Bound

The artist agreed to have their work posted on your blog.

Why I like the work:
I love how the light plays on the water - it makes me feel good to look at it, with its vibrant sparkle. I like the colours in the water and the moodiness of the sky. The painting suggests both calm and movement, and I find that exciting and enthralling.

Cathy Holtom said...

I would like to nominate Viven Blackburn's 'Pollard Willows', from her blog Painting prints and stuff.

It is one of those paintings that has stuck in my mind all year. The contrasts between light and dark, warm and cool are excellent. The touches of unexpected colours are just right.


eLIZabeth Floyd said...

I would like to nominate "the Temple of the Four Winds" by Michael Hampton from his blog michaelhampton.blogspot.com, here is the link to the finished painting: http://michaelhampton.blogspot.com/2009/02/enfin.html

I particularly like how generous Michael is in describing and sharing his process with us. He work is beautifully restrained with his love of architecture shining through the work.

Here are a few more links describing the process he used to complete this painting:



Astrid Volquardsen said...

I nominate "Lazy River", by Casey Klahn on his The Colorist blog,

Caseys whole River series was stunning. I think he found a really good way to depict various moods of a river.

David Page Coffin said...

Title of the Piece: "November Dusk Study"
Name of Artist: Randall David Tipton
Name of blog: Painter's Process
url of blog: http://randalldavidtipton.blogspot.com

The artwork appears in blog post
dated: Dec 9, 2009
titled: November Dusk Study

The artist agreed to have their work posted on your blog.

Why I like the work:
Tipton's large body of landscape-inspired work masterfully celebrates subjective color, non-descriptive calligraphic brushwork and abstracted forms without ever losing a sense of place or any of the dazzle of the day's light. This piece is his latest to particularly please my eye, but Tipton's endlessly surprising improvisational virtuosity keeps me glued to his work; daily painting at its finest.

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