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29th November 2009 - Who's made a mark this week?

I was in the country this weekend for a housewarming. Then got home to find out there had been a family emergency so "Who's made a mark this week?" didn't get posted yesterday and is a bit shorter than usual.

Wallace Collection - Judy and the horses (27.11.09)
11.5" x 17", pen and sepia ink in Daler Rowney Sketchbook

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

My double spread pen and ink sketch above is from my visit to the Wallace Collection on Friday. I visited the new display of their nineteenth century paintings - which were a great surprise to me. Read about why and see more sketches on my sketchbook blog next week.

Art Blogs

Drawing and sketching
Mont-Saint-Michel from the Rue De Rivage
coloured pencils on Arches HP
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
Coloured Pencils and Pastels
  • Brenda Boylan's blog is called Dusty Fingers. It's a new (to me) blog by an artist using pastels. She's a member of the Northwest Pastel Society, the Portland Plein-Aire & Studio Painters and her work has been published in the Best of America Pastel Series II.
  • Plus a new post by a pastel artist I know much better - this is Gesa Helms's Plein air pastel sketches: Scotland, Germany and Chile on her new 'art for sale' blog Gesa Helms Art.
The Meadow 2
plein air sketch by Gesa Helms
  • Pauline Longley (Pauline Longley's ArtBlog) discusses how she used an iron to melt wax from her coloured pencils in Owl on a sheet of Pastelmat.
Painters and Painting
  • Boy artist's landscapes sell for £17,000 - I'm never quite sure with stories like this whether to wonder why people get so carried away, or to be really pleased for prodigal child who enjoys success at a young age or to allow my inner green eyed monster to be seriously miffed! Take a look at Kieron Williamson's website and linked gallery and decide for yourself.


This is the Printsy Interview with

Art Business and Marketing

Experian® Hitwise® announced today that online traffic to a custom category of Black Friday advertising Websites increased 87 percent for the week ending Nov. 21, 2009.

Black Friday Traffic Up 87 Percent Pre-Thanksgiving Week

Art and the Economy / Art Collectors

Art Competitions

  • Wet Canvas has a competition where members can vote for the best still life, best portrait and best landscape. I'm afraid I wasn't blown away by the choices on offer - I've seen much nicer work on blogs this year. What did you think?
  • All the good ideas get copied sooner or later! ;) I'll be starting the nomination process for the best artwork on a blog in early December - with voting taking place over the seasonal festivities - as I've done for the last two years. Now to decide whether I should vary my categories!

Art Exhibitions and art fairs

Art Galleries and Museums
Art Societies
  • The Annual Exhibition of the New English Art Club opened last week at the Mall Galleries and I got distracted by the Wallace Collection yesterday so didn't get to see it as planned and will probably now visit early next week. The exhibition closes on 7th December. Very sensibly NEAC has set up a separate trading company and also makes work available to buy online. What's also good about this is you get to see the sizes and prices as well.
Art Bloggers

Clouds and Fields (2009) by Lisa McShane
30" x 40", Oil on Canvas.

Art Education / workshops / Tips and techniques

Tips and techniques

Art History, Art Galleries and Museums

Art Societies and Art Groups

  • I continue to develop Art Societies in the UK - Resources for Artists which is beginning to get a lot of visitors as I add in more websites. Still lots to do though! Do send me your recommendations and/or point out any important omissions.
  • This week I posted 10 questions for Art Society websites which is really a comment on what I've been finding on art society websites. Why not check out your society's website and see how it measures up?
  • Subject to Interpretations was created for the Portland Plein Air and Studio Painters and is a winter project for sharing painting experiences. A referece photo is posted twice a month. Brenda Boylan highlighted it on her blog and says it was inspired by Karin Jurick's successful Different Strokes blog. It's very early days but it looks like a potentially good model for enabling artists in art groups to keep in touch over the winter months

Art Supplies

Book reviews

  • We had Black Friday last week - plus two announcements about new books being published by artists. It's interesting to see two different approaches to book production.
The first edition is in Softcover, 160 pages, 8&frac;12" x 10" and printed on acid free heavyweight Japanese art paper. With 140 full color plates
    • Robert Genn (The Painters' Keys) announced the publication of a new book ($30.00 plus shipping). That means $5 shipping for USA orders but US$20 shipping if you live outside North America. Prices for Canada and the USA are in their respective local currencies.
The Robert Genn Twice-Weekly Letters, 960 pages--10 years of over 1,000 unabridged letters including an 82-page index. Six by nine inches and more than two inches thick, it's hardbound Red Cayenne with a separate dust jacket, a red ribbon, and a protective book box.

Opinion Poll

Websites, webware and blogging

If you don’t have enough story, don’t publish. If you have too much story, edit it down. When the story is right, publish.
  • Twitterfeed - I noticed Seth Godin was using Twitterfeed (Twitterfeed blog) to automate posting of blog posts to Twitter and Facebook - so I signed up mid-week. I then removed the Twitter feed midweek before I found the button for altering how the updates post to Twitter. However I'm not happy with automatic retweets if you update your blog or go back to sort out grammer and spelling! This is the blog and it sounds like they've been growing fast. Here's Guy Kawasaki on twitterfeed – SES 2009 Keynote (that particular tweek on twitterfeed made my jaw drop!) Let me know if you have any comments.
  • Most influential websites: ReadWriteWeb told us The Most Influential Websites in the World: Wikipedia #1, Twitter #4 With a Bullet - except this is WRONG! I checked mine out and the only links which were recognised were the ones from NON blogspot URLs - which makes just a teeny weeny bit of a difference!
  • Looks like Plaxo could be a site to stay away from. It appears to be sharing too much personal information - according to Stephen Fry (who) accuses Plaxo of telling too much about him

and finally........

In the meantime, I'm going to be trying to produce quite a few book reviews for those who are looking for suggestions for their seasonal present list.

Starting with my book review of James Gurney's Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn't Exist which I've just finished reading and which should be published later today.


Michelle B. Hendry said...

Beautiful sketches Katherine! I look forward to the poll results...

Deborah Paris said...

Thanks for the mention Katherine! I hope all is well with your family.

Lisa McShane said...

Thank you Katherine! I was thrilled to see my painting Clouds & Fields on your beautiful website.

Brenda Boylan said...

Hi Katherine.
Thanks for posting a note about my pastel work. :)
I"m glad to have found your informative blog. A definite bookmark.

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