Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Art Societies in the UK - Resources for Artists

Art Societies in the UK - Resources for Artists is a new resource for people who want to know more about
  • the national art societies in the UK
  • media oriented art societies in the UK
  • genre oriented art societies in the UK
  • art clubs and art societies operating at a more local level in the UK
It's also the latest addition to my series of Resources for Artists websites on Squidoo.

I don't know whether any UK reader has ever felt the same about as me, but I've always felt very frustrated by the lack of a comprehensive listing of art societies categorised by type of art society. So I decided to create one!

This new resource aims to provide an index of the websites of all the art societies in the UK - by type and location.

Information is available for media oriented art societies and those which focus on particular types of genre (categories eg subject matter). I'm also developing a listing for regional and local art groups and those based in Scotland and Wales.

Find out more by right clicking one of the following headings:
Media Based Art SocietiesGenres - Art Societies in the UKRegional and Local Art Societies

I intend to develop comprehensive sections for countries and regions within the UK. However these are at a fairly basic level at the moment. I would be very happy to take account of your local art society if you want it listed and it has an up to date website.
How you can help

Do let me know if I've left out any national art societies which you think should be included.

Just leave a comment below or on the website with the name of the art society or art club, the URL of its website and/or blog and I'll check it out. All the websites of genuine art societies or clubs will be included.


  1. The website of the art society in St Albans is

    It could do with some publicity as I lived here for sixteen years before I knew it existed! The life drawing sessions are one of few places where you can do life drawing in the area.

  2. For London, the South London Women Artists. New, only a couple years old. They have exhibitions, social events, networking, and educational events (professional/networking). Limited membership through application (there is apparently a waiting list)


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