Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Making A Mark is now on Facebook

I'm giving Facebook another whirl. Two years ago I was deterred by their governance arrangements and slack attitude to certain activities and haven't been back for a very long while.

However yesterday I fired it up and took another look around - at the new dashboard and other developments. I've decided to give it a try for at least two weeks (maybe longer) to see if it has any sort of positive benefits for me. I'm certainly not one for joining things simply because everybody else does - however I will try new things. However I only stay if they are things that add benefit!

Anyway - on to the new links and developments

My personal page on Facebook is Katherine Tyrrell (Making A Mark). You can only see this one if you login to Facebook and are friended by me (I think). Basically I friend people who comment on this blog and who I've grown to know through blogging (or they're friends from other parts of my life).

Making A Mark - as 'a website brand' - now has a fan page on Facebook in its own right (see right) - and this is public.

I'm not too sure what I'm doing with this as yet and I'd be very grateful for any tips from those who've already set up fan pages. Please tell me if I'm doing anything wrong! I'm sure others would also like any tips about how do a fan page.

The reason I set up the fan page is to try and have a site which collates information about news and new items from the various sites I've developed. Currently this is a bit of a problem for me as I've now got well over a hundred sites related to 'Making A Mark' and the resources for artists and art lovers that I've developed - and I need somewhere that acts as a feed.

Do please add yourself as a fan if you're interested. (However, you have to be a member of Facebook to 'connect' with this page.)

A new way of reading my blogs - For those of you on Facebook, you can now also find both Making A Mark and Making A Mark Reviews on networked blogs which is the an application which has been developed for Facebook for importing blog feeds. This means that you can choose to follow one or the other (or both) of these blogs and pick up the feeds from the blog tab on both sites. It's still going to be the shortened feed just the same as it is in emails or feedreaders. (For those of you who don't know why I have a short feed, it's because I have to deal with major theft problems every time I publish a full feed!)

Help please - If you're already using networked.blogs on Facebook I'd be grateful to know what you think of it and its pros and cons for artists (particularly in relation to marketing their art) - see Call for reviews - NetworkedBlogs on Facebook

Any other views about Facebook?
Please feel free to comment below as to what you like and don't like. Like I said - this is an experiment for me - I still need to be persuaded..........


  1. Hello! I'm new to Making a Mark... I found you through the Wetcanvas forums!

    The fan page looks great! I just became a fan :)

    I recently made a fan page for my own artwork. So far so good; it's a great way to connect with people who are interested in what I do. It's great that Facebook has given us this option for self promotion!

  2. Hi Katherine,
    I'll be watching to see how you'll be getting on with the fan page... I've only recently started FB and am importing my blog through the FB note import, but I'll have another look at the app you're using.
    ... am only know and slowly catching up with online stuff again... along with a bit more actual art... high time for both :)

  3. I'll be on the look out for you Gesa!


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