Thursday, October 15, 2009

Twitter - Be careful

I've just had it confirmed that there is a nasty spate of Twitter accounts being hacked and then sending out emails suggesting moneymaking ideas

Yesterday I had a message from somebody with a great reputation who knows lots of people and who I've known for a very long time. The sort of person you trust without thinking.
You have a new direct message:
(name of twitterer): i made $300 today. this place showed me. (URL of naughty link)
I can't remember what I did now - whether I clicked the link or not. However I was suspicious but wondered because I know the person well

Having read about the number of hacked accounts sending out emails yesterday, I've played it safe:
  • I've now changed my password.
  • I'm going to be very wary of anybody sending me a direct message via Twitter with a link - no matter how well I know them!
  • I'm also not going to be using Twitter for a while to send messages to anybody! If you've got a message for me this blog tells you how to get in touch with me.
How about you?

PS Just in case you're wondering I've written to the person whose account sent me the naughty message - so unless you got an email from me it wasn't you! ;)

PPS - UPDATE - I'm getting returned messages from the person concerned as every mailbox address I have for her is unavailable - so if it's you I think you'll already know about it!


  1. Thanks for the warning Kattherine.

  2. I've heard that using a site like TweetDeck to access your Twitter account is safer to use.

    I've really enjoyed Twitter, but I'm thinking twice now about whether I want to use it or not.

    This seems to be happening quite a bit, and it would greatly disturb me if my account was hacked and used to distribute problem links!

  3. It happened to me, and I use TweetDeck. I'm absolutely horrified that those messages were sent out in my name - I'm always so careful!

    Anyway - I changed my password TWICE, just to be safe, and so far, it seems to have thwarted any repeated efforts - although I was locked out of Twitter a couple of times after I changed it for "multiple attempts with the wrong password," so I can only assume the jerks were trying some more.

    Twitter is great - but everything is hackable. Just be careful about following links - make sure you are going where you think you are...always check the URL, even if the window looks right!

  4. I have a twitter account but frankly I find it boring because the majority of followers seem to be interested in it for the money.

    The environment is so different from a blog where commenting and discussing ideas and learning from each other really seems the norm.

    My own feeling is that the rush of twitter is starting to wane especially for those of us who really do just want to learn more about everything through the wonderousness of the free internet.

  5. I got two such messages yesterday and wrote back to the authors immediately suspecting it to be spam. After that I changed my password to a stronger one on Twitter.

    My account on fb had got hacked and a similar messages sent out to 60+ friends! Thankfully fb temporarily shut down the account and sent me a link to reset my password. I found the msgs in my sent box once i'd logged back in and could write and explain!!! :P

  6. Well that's two of you on Facebook whose accounts have been hacked.

    I'm led to wonder whether the way-in to Twitter is via Facebook.

    It seems to be of critical importance that the two passwords used for Facebook and Twitter are NOT the same and are NOT used for any other account. Otherwise one could speculate that people are going round trying out the same user name and password in different contexts - and hitting pay dirt!

  7. Thanks for the warning. I don't check into Twitter often, am considering leaving that site.

  8. It is always good to be reminded to be vigilant whenever you are online. Twitter can be very valuable so don't let the little bit of bad that happens scare you away from it.

    I suspect Twitter will be updating the function of the DMs due to the abuse DMs constantly recieve.


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