Friday, October 23, 2009

MAM #4 in Top 25 UK Arts & Culture Blogs

I knew my blog was doing well in terms of readership but I got a very pleasant surprise this morning to find that Making A Mark has been rated #4 in the Top 25 UK Art And Culture Blogs. It's even beaten the art blogs produced by the top national newspapers!!!

I was even more pleased when I realised that, unlike some I've seen, this listing has actually been produced by a team who've used proper research across a range of relevant criteria and then produced an algorithm for weighting them! The site behind the listing is This is the website created by a very reputable organanisation - the Manchester Museums Consortium, which covers a group of nine museums and galleries in Manchester (more about this tomorrow as I've not come across their site before).

The top 25 UK Arts and Culture Blogs

You can find these listed below. You can read more about each of the art blogs and how the list was compiled in this blog post - The Top 25 UK Arts & Culture Blogs.

1. We Make Money Not Art
2. Feeling Listless
3. Things Magazine
4. Making a Mark
5. Jonathan Jones on Art (Guardian)
6. Frieze Blog
7. Charlotte Higgins (Guardian)
8. Saatchi Blogon
9. Amelia’s Magazine
10. Art of the Estate
11. Culture Wars
12. Telegraph culture blog
13. UK Street Art
14. Madam Miaow Says
15. Art in Liverpool Blog
16. Follow the Yellow Brick Road
17. Artsy
18. The FACT Blog
19. Art Sleuth
20. Arts Blogs: The Independent
21. Art & Things
22. Where’s Runnicles?
23. Culture Vulture
24. View from the South Bank
25. Intelligent Naivety

I know a lot of these blogs and consult some of them on a very regular basis - but some are new to me and I'm certainly going to be checking these all out in the near future. You might like to do likewise! :)

In the meantime I think I'm just going to sit here with a big mug of tea and get over the shock!

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