Sunday, May 24, 2009

24th May 2009 - Who's made a mark this week?

Peony and his Buds by Jacqueline Gnott
26" x 21" ~ Watercolor on Paper

copyright Jacqueline Gnott / used with permission

I love peonies and I was stopped in my tracks this week when I saw Peony & His Buds by Jacqueline Gnott (Contemporary Realism). Despite being a scribbler I do really appreciate somebody who can paint flowers in watercolour in a way which is carefully controlled but not too tight. It's those luminous wet in wet washes which get me every time!

Do also have a read of Jacqueline's talks about the little routine she uses when she finishes a painting - one which I know I recognise and I guess a lot of other people do. Why not go and admire and see if you do the same thing?

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Coloured Pencils and Pastels
  • Gayle Mason has posted another work in progress on her blog Fur in the Paint. If you follow this link - cat in coloured pencil - you can review the different stages the latest kitten went through in getting to Kitten finished!
  • Plus for those of you who were following my work in progress this week - here's a montage of where it's got to. The drawing has now gone for a little rest so I can then look at it with a fresh eye before deciding whether any more needs to be done

Miss Victoria Stiefvater - a portrait in progress
8" x 8", coloured pencils on Sennelier HP

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

The same is with journaling and art.....You must get started and build the frequency of doing it before you can take notice that there is a change starting to happen inside of you that will finally come out and change your very environment. WOW that was a mouth full.
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  • Joanna Mattera (Joanna Mattera Art Blog ) has written a really excellent post about Vanity Galleries - with particular reference to New York - see Marketing Mondays: The Vanity Gallery. Do read the comments as well as the post. Joanna writes consistently good posts and provides wise advice and I commend her blog to you.
  • Check out another of her posts if you've ever anticipated going full time as an artist Marketing Mondays: How is your pie sliced?
  • Robert Genn wrote about options for selling art if you live in "the boonies" - including selling on the Internet. Read Off the beaten track for his views and the comments of other artists. I'd have liked to see him recognise that many artists now in fact sell art via their blogs and don't always need premium sites to do so..........
  • I've been corresponding with Tony Moffitt since he started his new blog Tony Moffitt's Art World and passing on a few tips of my own. Check out The 21-Day Action Plan for Shy Artists (in the side column).

Art and the Economy

I just loved watching the The Great Contemporary Art Bubble on television - in fact I was cheering from my amchair at the exposure of something which I've not been a fan of for some time - see The Contemporary Art Bubble and Art Omerta. Plus I learned about the real purpose of the major art fairs - tax haven banking opportunities! [expletive deleted]

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This major exhibition is Richard Long's first survey in London for eighteen years and is a unique opportunity to understand afresh the artist's radical rethinking of the relationship between art and landscape. Long's work comes from his love of nature and through the experience of making solitary walks.

Tate Britain - Richard Long: Heaven and Earth

Now that the scientists, and to some extent film-makers, have done the spade work on our ongoing destruction of the Earth, it’s the turn of artists to bring the issues upfront and in your face.
Exhibitions in the rest of the UK
The exhibition looks at the moment in twentieth-century art, when a group of artists began to perceive colour as 'readymade' rather than as scientific or expressive.
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Here's a little bit of a feature for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York this week - for friends who are visiting this next week!It seems to be the season for openings of refurbished museums or new extensions! I'm running into announcements everywhere I look.

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I've been doing a mini-series all week in which I've been reviewing the results of 2007 SEOmoz survey Search Engine Ranking Factors v2 and looking at the ones which are tagged as positive, negative and controversial and identifying what the implications are for artists. You can read more about this in:

Back to the rest of what I came across this week

and finally.........

The cartoonists and the graphics design people have been having great "fun" - if fun is the correct word for all the cries of outrage, heckling of MPs and historic Parliamentary events which have been going on this week!
Moats, Maltesers, bath plugs, Tudor beams, loo seats... It's a rich, glittering mine for us.
Expenses and a mine of cartoon images
I wonder if we're going to have a brand new - and ironic - meaning for "The Untouchables" on wikipedia? It truly is really ironic that Elliot Ness's Untouchables were picked for their incorruptibility

I'm now off for my walk - and there will be more images posted later.


julie douglas said...

Hi Katherine

I also admire Jacqueline Gnotts paintings, and have tried emailing her to thank her for her efforts, but the emails NEVER get through, so frustrating. Fabulous control and observation of light. I'd love to ask her how long her paintings take. If you have a hot-line to her maybe you'd ask her!!

Making A Mark said...

Hi Julie - I'd recommend leaving a comment on her blog.

adebanji said...

Great post again and I really love the 4 stage portraits of the girl in coloured pencil!

Robyn Sinclair said...

Your portrait of Victoria is a triumph, Katherine. You've captured the light in such a magical way - wonderfully ethereal.

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

The step-by-step of Victoria is just soft and delicate...

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